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Harry Potter Belongs to the Fans

Harry Potter is so near and dear to so many people’s hearts. It’s an escape away from any anxiety and stress for a lot of the fans. We fantasize about going to Hogwarts and learning magic and making friends and fighting against prejudice. However, for someone who wrote about fighting against prejudice, J.K Rowling is an incredibly prejudiced person.

How can someone write such a beautiful universe with inspiring characters, justice, and fighting for what’s right when she doesn’t even support a large portion of the human population?

And I’m not even talking about her current stance on trans women, although it is certainly appalling. She has stated on her twitter that she’s a TERF, (trans-exclusionary radical feminist) and gave a link to her website to a post entitled “TERF Wars”. In that post she stated “For people who don’t know last December I tweeted my support for Maya Forstater, a tax specialist who’d lost her job for what were deemed transphobic tweets. She took her case to an employment tribunal, asking the judge to rule on whether a philosophical belief that sex is determined by biology is protected in law. Judge Tayler ruled that it wasn’t.”

She then goes on to explain how she became ‘interested’ in transgender issues because of a book she’s writing where the main character dresses up as a woman and assumes a trans woman role and then preys upon the women she meets in those spaces. I will not be stating the title of the book for obvious reasons, as I don’t believe she deserves any negative attention towards this book either. Buying it just to be outraged doesn’t send the message I want to send, and I think that many others do as well.

Which is, You’re Done.

I will not be supporting J.K Rowling anymore. I blocked her on social media. I deleted my Pottermore account, after saving my information. I will not be buying any of her future books, (her other ones weren’t that good anyways, so you’re not missing out.)

And this isn’t the only issue a lot of fans have with her. In fact, I think this is the last straw.

Some of the others have been how Rowling only made Dumbledore gay to appeal to the masses, but how she refuses to show his affair with Grindelwald or anything mentioning that he is not straight, In the Fantastic Beast series. And of course, nothing is mentioned in the Harry Potter series, itself.

Another heated moment is of course the lack of diversity in the wizarding world, at least when it comes to Hogwarts. How there was only one slightly main character who was Asian, and of course her name was “Cho Chang” something that many Asian fans have been baffled and frustrated with because both of those names are LAST names. It seems she couldn’t even do simple research to have an accurate name.

Another similar moment is the lack of black representation in Harry Potter too. In the movies, Lavender Brown is played by a black girl, until the sixth movie, when she becomes “the lovesick girl interest” for Ron Weasley, and somehow, she’s mysteriously white now? I won’t even talk about the Parvati Twins, which speak for themselves. You can see in the movies too there is hardly any diversity which is strange since Britain itself is EXTREMELY diverse, even in the 90’s, other races existed.

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There are many other issues with the series and herself that many others have spoken about before. I really suggest googling her and doing your own research and not just taking my word for it.

But I’m not here to point out how problematic J.K Rowling is. We know she’s problematic. I’m here to briefly explain why we shouldn’t support her, but most importantly I’m here to reassure the fans that the universe is SAFE and INCLUSIVE, because we the fans make it so.

Love the universe, make your own head canons, write your fanfiction, make your Tik Toks, and enjoy the books and movies through your eyes. Not hers. She can’t force you to see a character or circumstance her way, and her way isn’t necessarily the only way nor is it “right”.

Many of the actors have spoken out against her views from both series and don’t support her either.

Please, remember that Hogwarts will always be our home, and its everything we want it to be.

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