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Happy Without Celebration: A Romantic Poem for Wife

Halley is a teacher who loves to write and always wants to learn. through this writing to be better and provide benefits in information.



The following poem, entitled happy without celebration, is a description of the love relationship between couples from habits in the eastern part of Indonesia, to be precise. in eastern culture a man has a higher rank. Indeed, for some you find it strange. When there is a gap between men and women. But that is the form of diversity that exists in our country Indonesia. Still considered good. if the woman does not work or becomes a partner who takes care of her family's needs, namely her husband and children. Hopefully this poem is accepted by you even though you think it is not the same as what you live with your partner.

Happy Without Celebration

This year is the same as before

No simple cake for me to serve you.

I know your expression yesterday was unusual.

I know real hope you want a celebration.

I know there is something that you desire and that I have not been able to give.

the million dreams you told me about are still dreams
with understanding understand the partner.

a million plans that you put forward I still can't be realized
with you silent do not question the reason.

after time passed you said all you wanted
which I answered as usual.
"Your husband is trying".

Thank you until this moment and all we are together
you continue to understand with this man.

which you wake up every morning
that every day you serve food

that every time you remind
which you are proud of every time by remaining silent in simplicity.

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if there's no celebration it's okay dear
because your husband and children are very dear.

if there's no celebration nothing changes honey

as time goes by
I am ready to give my shoulder to support.

I am ready to give my presence so that you are comfortable and at ease in the grief that we keep forgetting to be together in joy.

I want to write a lot as an expression of sorry.
I want to give you a million promises as a gift.

But all that you do not ask. because we have the same Know.

When We are together is a HAPPY WITHOUT CELEBRATION.


Halley Kawistoro (author) from Indonesia on September 24, 2020:

Happy with your visit and your comments on this writing of my poetry, brenda.

Yes, that's a picture of my feelings as a partner.

The phrase I want to say to my partner to be happy with whatever the situation is.

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on September 24, 2020:

Being together is a blessing to be thankful for.

Planning a special moment at home alone with just the two of you sounds relaxing.

I do know the feeling of disappointment though when one wants to celebrate & we only live a short life so dont put off things you want to do...You might not get another chance.

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