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Hu- God Just God- Analysis of an Anthem

Misbah enjoys writing poetry and loves to convey the messages of Love through her poems.

In Sufism, the pronoun Hu or Huwa is used to represent Allah or God. Hu is also used as the name of God. Allah Hu translates as "God, Only He!". It is believed that the Visualization of this Holy Name is a special type of meditation that provides many benefits to the Meditators.

In Arabic language, هُوَ (Hu) means “He” and is used For Allah, the God.

"Hu" is a wonderful name of God that is used in the East and in the Middle East. The one whose real name is unstoppable, really beyond earthly languages.

Allow me to surprise you by taking you on a spiritual journey with a song named "Bol Hu." The song is composed by "Soch the Band" and has featured 8-year-old Hadia. The song is a soul-searching trance of belief and determination.

The song is originally written, sung, and translated by Soch The Band, Nescafé Basement Season 5.

The purpose of sharing is to bring the East's voice and work to the Western world. The song is touching, but sadly, many Eastern artists and poets are little known in Western culture.


Color yourself within
Within you will find a friend,
Create your own small universe,
Be a spiritual ecstatic traveler.

continue to dream with empty eyes
Listen to everyone, but do what your heart suggests.
Keep fighting, keep pushing forward, piece by piece,
Continue to collect your fate
Even the hottest summer dry wind, seems lovely, and freezing,

If the soul and body say just "HU" (God only God).

Tears must be shed while prostrating.
Be a spiritual ecstasy traveler...
Leave your problems behind
Why do you think of someone else?
You may only repeat HU (GOD ONLY GOD) in prostration
Who are you, and why is your heart broken?
And in pain? What is the purpose of your existence? Think!

Fight the internal struggle...
Amaze everyone in your vicinity...
Make your own world...
Become a spiritual ecstasy traveler...
Leave all your problems behind...
Simply say, "HU... HU... HU... ALLAH HU!"
Just God, Just God, and Just God,

Just God, Just God, and Just God.

Analysis of the Song

The song tells us about the development of self-consciousness and self-acceptance despite all your shortcomings, both visible and hidden. This is the start of any personal journey, anytime. Be aware of your 'colors and carry them proudly'. Also, It is important to know that this stage will take a lot of effort, and you'll most likely find yourself all alone in your own little universe.

Self-discovery can be energizing, reawakening a sense of wonder and excitement about life. This stage will be referred to as "unburdening". The song tells us to plan our lives, put in the effort, learn from others, weave our dreams with the goal of making them a reality, rely on routines and discipline, and accept full responsibility for our choices.

It challenges us to take another step forward with each breath, to choose our fate, and to collect it piece by piece. This stage is all about figuring out what you're doing, making plans, and sticking to them.

The song encourages us to believe that we can ride through any storm without losing our inner selves - it's all about optimism and resilience. Then the lyricist challenges us to do a reality check.

It says we, the humans, put in the effort, but we always seem to lose sight, we usually feel unsatisfied and distracted. It says we have to manage ourselves to stay motivated. Our concentration often fades. We quite often are unable to establish our priorities. The song encourages us that it is now the time to revisit our inner selves and check ‘who' and ‘why' we are? It wants us to find out why we exist in this universe? What is the real purpose of our life?

Coming to an end, the song reflects the mastery attitude of the believer. His approach to everything in his life with the same intensity as if he is on the battlefield and for him, it is a question of life and death.

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The song says we have to get ready to fight with our own internal conflicts, an internal war, a war within. And if we act like this, we can gradually conquer our inner fears and anxieties. We will be able to astound all those who questioned us along the way and they will be astounded to see our elevation on the spiritual level.

The song ends on a spiritual note. It begins with a man and ends with God. The song gives us a message that when one commits to a greater purpose in life, he or she becomes closer to the Divine Energy, the Super Power, The God -- Hu, Just God, and nothing in between.

The true test of spirituality is to fight your inner self, to defeat your inner conflicts. Good luck to all spiritual travelers, I wish may you all get the happiness of this world and beyond. Amen!

A Soulful Song- Bol Hu- Soch The Band- Turn on the Captions to See the Translation of the Song.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2021 Misbah Sheikh


Misbah Sheikh (author) on July 07, 2021:

Rodric, I appreciate your beautiful thoughts. Your thoughtfulness is much appreciated. Congratulations if it makes your eyes water while you listen to it. It means that the light has already entered in your heart. God loves you and without any doubt, He loves everyone. I'm delighted to see you here. Because this article is quite old, I'm sure you dug deep into the feed to discover it. Your efforts are much appreciated. You are really generous. I enjoyed reading your comment. Allah Hu!!

I would love to share some quotes with you here Rumi said “the wound is the place where the light gets in”. The awareness of your pain is actually an opportunity to let the light in so know that wound is also a Blessing.

Jane Austen said, “We do not suffer by accident”. It means every cause has a reason even pain sometimes gives pleasure.

Sigmund Freud believed that “out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength.” it means we cannot learn without making errors. Life is like that my friend. We all face different situations and challenges in life and finally we all learn from those times. Find God's happiness in everything you do and all other things will get in the right place. There should be no fear when God is so near.

Sorry for making it too long but I really enjoyed your comment.

May God continue to bless you. Amen!

Blessings and Peace

Misbah Sheikh (author) on July 07, 2021:

Thank you for your kind response and warm words of appreciation, Bredz. I am glad you liked it. I am confident that God will show us the way and help us all in walking on it. Amen!

Blessings and love to you

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on July 07, 2021:


This is quite a wonderful song that you have explained.

I must be there in the midst...cause I find myself in that little world by myself.

Fighting those inner conflicts is a tough one, but God will show me the way.


Rodric Anthony Johnson from Surprise, Arizona on July 07, 2021:

Misbah, thank you for writing this article. After reading the lyrics and reading your article, I listened to the video at the end and it brought moisture to my eyes. Just God. When I think about it. life is all about trying to make a connection with God/Allh and maintain that connection until life is over and beyond. This is a great introduction to the anthem. Allah Hu.

Misbah Sheikh (author) on June 27, 2021:

Thank you so much for reading and for your kind feedback, Ravi. I am glad you liked it.

Blessings always

Ravi Rajan from Mumbai on June 27, 2021:

This is a beautiful article Misbah. I had never heard about this song and your detailed analysis helped me to understand the profound spirituality behind it. Thanks for sharing.

Misbah Sheikh (author) on June 26, 2021:

Thank you so much, Amara, my sweet sister. You are incredibly generous. I don't mind any delays, but I'm happy you came and enjoyed it... Gratitude!

Allah Bless You, dear sister. Hugs!

Blessings and Peace

Misbah Sheikh (author) on June 26, 2021:

Thanks a lot for your beautiful and wonderful remarks, Flourish. I highly appreciate that. Gratitude!

Blessings and Love

Misbah Sheikh (author) on June 26, 2021:

Thank you so much for your kind comments, Devika. I am glad you liked it, dear friend. Yes, peace of mind is something we all are seeking for. Much Love!

Blessings and Peace

Misbah Sheikh (author) on June 26, 2021:

Thanks a lot for your kind response, Audrey. I am glad you found the message to be powerful and peaceful. Stay safe and healthy

Many Blessings and Love

Amara from Pakistan on June 26, 2021:

Beautiful article just like your beautiful soul my dear sis.. I am very busy these days so could not comment earlier..

FlourishAnyway from USA on June 26, 2021:

Your spiritual reflections reverberate with a peaceful energy.

Devika Primić from Dubrovnik, Croatia on June 26, 2021:

Peace of mind is so important and living in peace makes our lives worthwhile in what we do for ourselves.

Devika Primić from Dubrovnik, Croatia on June 26, 2021:

Hi Misbah I like the power of your words and so much thought here. Beautiful message and a lot to ponder on as well.

Audrey Hunt from Pahrump NV on June 25, 2021:

A powerful and peaceful message. Beautifully penned. Thank you.

Misbah Sheikh (author) on June 25, 2021:

Thank you so much for your lovely words, Eman. I am glad you found the message to be powerful.

Blessings always

Misbah Sheikh (author) on June 25, 2021:

Thank you so much for your kind response, Linda. I am glad you like the message it contains. Stay Bless and Healthy. Much Love

Blessings and Peace

Misbah Sheikh (author) on June 25, 2021:

Thank you so much, hira. I appreciate that.

Blessings to you

Nian from Pakistan on June 25, 2021:

Very powerful message. I like the message.

Stay blessed!

Linda Lum from Washington State, USA on June 25, 2021:

A beautiful message of hope and inner peace. "Be still and know that I am God."

hira from faisalabad on June 25, 2021:

Well Written

Misbah Sheikh (author) on June 25, 2021:

Manatita, I'm delighted to see your response, brother. I really missed your words of wisdom on my work. Thank you very much for your thoughtful comment. I highly appreciate that. Stay safe, tuned and healthy. My Deepest Gratitude, Bro

Many Blessings and Peace

Misbah Sheikh (author) on June 25, 2021:

Thanks a lot my dear sister, Rozlin. I am happy to know you liked it. It's one of my favorites. Yes, the lyrics and the message behind it is very strong and powerful. May Allah Bless us all. Ameen!!

Take care and stay safe

Blessings and Love

manatita44 from london on June 25, 2021:

A very powerful word indeed and we can all do with some inner blessings at this time. Love has given us so many beautiful colours! Let us partake of them as best we can. Excellent devotions!

Rozlin from UAE on June 25, 2021:

I liked the lyrics of the song, Misbah. They convey a powerful, peaceful msg of keeping faith in Allah. I read the lyrics twice, they are so touching. Thank you for sharing this peaceful song and message behind it. Blessings to you, dear sis.

Misbah Sheikh (author) on June 25, 2021:

Thank you so much for your lovely and sweet comment, my dear sister, Moon. Love that beautiful lines. Thank you so much for sharing them with me. I loved it.

Here's one for you

ایک میں اور تو،عالم جستجو میکدے کا سماں ،مے فشاں تو ہی تو لمحہ بھر خامشی ،اور پھر گفتگو حال دل با اثر،جم گیا ہے لہو خواب گاه تیرا در،بس تری آرزو عشق صابررہا،اور میں تند خو دل کی اک بی صدا، اللہ ھو اللہ ھو

(You and I, and

the world is like a search,

the wine is like a moment of silence, and then the conversation is effective,

the heart is frozen,

the blood is at your doorstep,

just the longing,

the love is patient, and I

Silently say Allah, HE the God)

Gratitude, dear sister

Blessings and Love

Misbah Sheikh (author) on June 25, 2021:

Thank you so much for your kind response, Sankhajit Bhattacharjee

Glad to know you liked it

Blessings always

EK Jadoon from Abbottabad Pakistan on June 25, 2021:

Misbah, your article is well-structured and beautiful. Great food for thought and soul here. When you said ALLAH HU, the soul replies with great energy that nothing is more peaceful than these words.

I want to dedicate this urdu poetry to your article:

Tasbeeh rahay dam dam jari...

Ik dard hay andar Allah Hu...

Her rag main uska nam rawan...

Her saans ka mahwer Allah Hu...

(The praise continues at all times...

There is a pain inside Allah Hu...

His name is flowing in every vein...

The axis of every breath, Allah Hu...)

Thanks for sharing this beautiful article.

Sankhajit Bhattacharjee from MILWAUKEE on June 24, 2021:

l enjoyed your composition, well said.

Misbah Sheikh (author) on June 24, 2021:

John, thank you very much for your thoughtful and generous feedback. I'm delighted you found the message and song to be powerful. True, we all need to find our inner peace. Gratitude, dear friend.

Many Blessings to you

Misbah Sheikh (author) on June 24, 2021:

Ameen. Peggy, Thank you for sharing your lovely words and for your thoughtful prayers. May God continue to bless you with happiness and success in this life and the next. Amen!

Blessings and Love

Misbah Sheikh (author) on June 24, 2021:

Dear Pamela, thank you very much for your kind words. I'm delighted it was a positive message for you. I enjoy spreading positive vibes... :)

Lots of love!!

Blessings always

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on June 24, 2021:

A powerful message and song, Misbah. Everyone needs this to find inner peace. Thank you for sharing.

Misbah Sheikh (author) on June 24, 2021:

Mr. Bill, thank you very much for your thoughtful and generous remarks. Your kindness is always greatly appreciated. I'm delighted you like the message it conveyed. Gratitude, Sir

Blessings always

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on June 24, 2021:

I think that many of us wonder about our existence and our path in life. Yours is a beautiful message, Misbah. Wishing you much happiness in this world and the next.

Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on June 24, 2021:

This is a beautiful message, Misbah. I really loved this article. I think this is. very hopeful message also. Thank you so much for sharing this positive message.

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on June 24, 2021:

Ride through any storm without losing ourselves....that is a powerful thought and very true, but so many people fail to realize that, take the easy road and lose themselves along the way. What a wonderful message this is during these very difficult times. Thank you for sharing, my friend, and blessings to you always.

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