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How to Re-Activate Your Brain ?

Techniques of brain reactivation / Brain re-activation Exercise

The brain is the most complex part of the human body. It can take a lifetime to understand the depth of its functioning and its “intelligence”. Have you ever heard of a maze or ever been there? Well, if you have you will understand how exactly it is like a brain. It is easy to get there but to come out of that is a real big task just like you can dive into knowing the anatomy of a brain but to understand its behavior is not easy! However, knowing a part of your brain can improve your work and life.

We know how important our brain is for the normal functioning of our day-to-day activity and to be “socially acceptable” in the society we currently live in. Sometimes, due to the pressure, stress, and tension, our brain shuts its door and we are often left blank with no answer. It is very common and happens to everyone even to the greatest of minds. Well, this is where the question comes - How to re- activate your brain so that you can think peacefully, AGAIN!

The brain is so underrated a part of the human body that we often don’t even bother or question its functioning. We take for granted all the little things it does.

You will be amazed to know that it is healthy that you get to re-activate your brain, it has some amazing benefits on your brain health.

Benefits of re-activating your brain :–

  1. Thinking capacity – It helps you think more clearly and precisely and to take decisions that are correct for you. This is because the brain regains its capacity to think from more than one perspective and can make you question and find solutions to them.
  2. Creativity and imagination – Your brain is a powerhouse of creativity and imagination, what happens when someone says a word like apple, your brain in seconds creates an image of an apple in your mind. With, re-activation of your brain the creative and imaginative side of your brain gets to work.
  3. Concentration and memory – Re-activation of the brain can help in improving concentration and memory. This is probably the most needed and useful activity of the brain. It will need a lot of training to get there. Moreover, many experts provide special training for this benefit.
  4. Builds self-confidence – You must be wondering how can brain re-activation build self- confidence in a person, well, if you can think, execute and distinguish, you will have confidence in your work and the words that you say.
  5. Production of new brain cells- Re-activation can help with the production of new brain cells, thus resulting in increased brain volume in the key areas. This will significantly improve the overall health of your brain.
  6. Physical wellness – The method will help you to control body weight, cholesterol, and blood pressure and will help you release out stress. This will result in a fresh, confident, and strong personality that will outshine all others.

After knowing the benefits, Don’t you wish you had more control of your brain?

You must be wondering what the techniques of brain re-activation are. Well, there are various techniques for the activation of your brain that is certified by and accepted by people from all over the world and they won’t even take much of your time.

You can add these techniques to your daily routine and get going with the usual life activity.

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Techniques of brain reactivation / Brain activation Exercise :-

  1. Exercise - Many big entrepreneurs and people lead a very busy life and do not have the time to fit in the physical activity in their schedule as they think this might bring them the loss. However, it is better to think the other way around; not having time for physical activity will result in “loss” of healthy and productive life. Exercises are proven to protect against brain degeneration and improve its functioning.
  2. Drink water/coffee – Reduced amount of water intake can lead to dull brain functioning. To keep your brain functions healthy and to provide oxygen to the brain cells, it is important to have at least 8 glasses of water in a day. Moreover, many people start their day with a cup of coffee, it is to no surprise that coffee helps to keep you focused and alert. Over time, it also helps in the cognitive functions of the brain.
  3. Meditate – Since time immemorial, meditation has been considered to have amazing benefits and it is hard to argue with. It improves concentration, reduces stress levels, and over time, it is beneficial for people with age-related disorders like Alzheimer’s or dementia. Just 10-15 minutes of deep meditation and you can secure 5 years of your life!
  4. Sleep well – The rushed life and busy schedule don’t let you sleep peacefully. Is it? But do you know that lack of sleep can dangerously affect your brain functioning? Sleep for 8 hours for a month to notice visible changes in your overall health.
  5. Listen to music- Music has been considered as one of the ways to heal mentally and to increase your creative ability and thinking power. It can relax your tense muscles and release stress. According to a study conducted in 2017, it has been proven that music generates innovative solutions as compared to being in silence.
  6. Solve a jigsaw puzzle – jigsaw puzzle is an amazing and fun way to strengthen your brain. Research has shown that solving these puzzles helps you look at different images at once and to think where each piece will fit. This challenges and exercises your brain resulting in cognitive abilities.

Focusing on your brain health is very important in today’s fast-paced world to meet the required concentration, memory, focus, and mental agility. Moreover, these changes do not happen overnight, it takes time to build. You should always experiment and test out things to see what works best for you.

All the best and go conquer your brain!

Techniques of brain reactivation / Brain re-activation Exercise


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