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The Heart and Its Feelings


The whole emotion, feelings and love where it is found is called the heart.


“And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” ...

“Prayer is not asking. ...

“Don't be pushed around by the fears in your mind. ...

“I think... ...

“One love, one heart, one destiny.”

Our Heart

The heart is something that is probably not easy to appreciate. Science proves that the strongest heart in the world is the heart. We say, our heart is broken or our heart is closed, but that doesn't happen. The heart, neither breaks nor closes, but there is a difference in the heartbeat for a while. The brain controls our whole body. The brain has the power to think and understand.

The brain controls our inner and outer body, except the heart, which controls our brain. We also say in our common sense life, "Remember the lesson from the heart, accept the gift from the heart, forgive me from your heart, don't think badly of anyone in your heart." "We also handle the relationships that God has given us, and if a relationship goes bad, we resolve it with a cool head and a clear heart. We build relationships, our feelings and emotions are in our hearts and we take care of ourselves and our relatives.

Emotions Of Heart

Our heart also plays a very important role in our relationships. Human relationships are formed from the heart. It is love in our hearts that drives us and our relationships. We must know the heart in terms of science, how many walls there are in the heart, what the functions of the heart are, We don't know what our heart does in a heartfelt relationship. And what are the emotions of the heart? That's all I'll tell you. Love is an act of the heart. Where our heart is very hard, it is also very soft. Hard-heart and hard-tempered people can be made gentle and worthy of love, and that too only with heartfelt love.
Yes, with heartfelt love, there are some emotions in our hearts that force us to change our decisions. Sometimes our heart becomes so sad that we do not understand what is happening to us. We suddenly become sad sitting like this, our heart wants to cry, it makes us want to go away from our home where we are alone and no one is there. And sometimes we are so happy that we like everything in the world. We love our home, our surroundings.
Why does all this happen to us? It all happens to us because our heart controls our emotions. And we are in control of our heart. The heart does not just beat. The heart helps us to make decisions, the work we have been doing is right, the heart also tells us what is wrong. Our hearts know whether we are happy or sad. The heart knows who we love and who we don't. Whether we tell our story to someone or not, our heart knows everything.

The heart is not only a part of the body but also our friend in a way. Which encompasses all our sorrows, pains, joys, all within us. The Lord dwells in the heart. In today's environment where lies and deception are everywhere, it is only our heart that is sincere to us. The heart is the strongest organ the earth.

In My Opinion

After seeing all the things, relations and situations I feel that
It is a precious gift because if we understand that our heart is also our good friend, we will never see bad situations in our lives. Honestly, I understand in my heart what it says to others, how it feels for things, when it feels comfortable and when it doesn't. My heart is not just a heart, it is my good friend.