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Guide To Writing A Band 6 HSC English Essay

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Writing an essay is no easy job. While there is no one way to get the perfect score on your essay, there are a few techniques that you can follow to write an incredible band 6 HSC English Essay.

There are a total of 6 bands from 1 to 6, with band 6 being the highest.

To help you get the highest band 6, let’s start with the introduction first.

There are a few sets of rules and methodologies that need to be followed in order to write a tremendous band 6 essay.

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In this Article you will find:

Guide To Writing A Band 6 HSC English Essay

Understand the Topic/Question

Plan Your Essay

Write Body Paragraphs

Structure your body paragraphs:

Topic Sentence:




Linking Statement:

Write the Introduction

Write the Conclusion

Proofread and Edit

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Understand the Topic/Question

It is essential to understand the essay question first. Make sure that you carefully analyze the essay topic to produce a well-researched and well written essay. It is important to produce an essay that resonates with the essay topic otherwise your essay will be rejected and you will lose your marks.

Plan Your Essay

Carefully plan out your essay and try to produce a mind map. This will help you list down all the important points that need to be discussed in the essay. Planning your essay will also help clear your mind. You will also be able to organize your ideas that will provide a better shape to your essay.

Write Body Paragraphs

Writing the body paragraphs first will help you organize your ideas. It will help you write a better introduction and conclusion.

Structure your body paragraphs:

Topic Sentence: Topic sentence refers to the sentence that focuses on the main point of your essay or paragraph. Each paragraph can have a different topic sentence. You must place it in the logic of your argument. Try to come up with the best strategy possible to summarize the focus of your paragraph and essay into a line or two. That will become your topic statement.

Technique: Technique may include the metaphor, tone and intonation of your essay. It helps your audience recognize the main idea of your essay in a much better way.

Explanation: State your main argument and then explain your argument properly with proper references and examples. Make sure to explain your argument in such a way that your reader is able to understand it easily.

Evidence: Evidence supports your arguments and provides authenticity and reliability to your article. Choosing a relevant example will strengthen your argument and give more weightage to your essay.
However, it is important to use reliable sources when you cite your evidence or it may nullify your argument completely. It may also create a poor impression on your reader and prove to be a detriment towards your goals of getting a band 6.

Use at least two to three examples per paragraph to increase the reliability and credibility of your essay.

Linking Statement: Linking statement refers to the statement that connects your topic sentence to the main idea of your essay! Summarize the main concept of your body paragraph into a linking statement. It will restate the main idea of your paragraph and it will enhance your reader’s.

Write the Introduction

Once you are done writing the body paragraphs , you may move on with your introduction. Working on your introduction after you are done with the body paragraph will help you write an immaculate and comprehensive essay.

Write the conclusion

Writing the conclusion at the end will help you encapsulate your ideas easily. It will also provide you with the opportunity to comprehensively summarize all of your essay points.

Proofread and Edit

Proofreading and editing is a significant step. This step will help you cut out any errors from your essay. It will also help you select better choices of words after you are done with the work. This crucial step will also enhance your chances to get a band 6 in your English essay.

Now let us jump into some tips about how you can get that band 6:

  • Make sure you acquire enough knowledge and information about your topic.
  • Understand your question accurately.
  • Understand what you are going to discuss in your essay.
  • Plan out the main points of your essay.
  • Structure your argument properly with the help given above.
  • Incorporate evidence and examples in your essay.
  • Make sure to not make any language or grammatical errors.
  • Proofread again and again to avoid any silly mistakes.
  • Organize your notes and course material.
  • Read essays written by other people.
  • Practise your own writing essays.
  • Get feedback from your teacher or your instructor.
  • Make sure to time your essays.
  • Done be repetitive.
  • Make sure to stop writing when you have stated all your points.
  • Otherwise it may become redundant and boring.


Make sure to plan your essays before you start writing. Write your body paragraphs first and then move on to writing your introduction and conclusion paragraphs. Moreover, it is essential that you incorporate proper evidence and examples into your essay to give more weightage to it.

Well, that’s a wrap!

We hope that you found our tips and suggestions helpful.

Please let us know if you have anything interesting to add to these tips about getting band 6 in your essay.

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