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Guckenberger's Autobiography

Alex has taught at seven public schools, been accepted into three honorary societies, and traveled the Americas and Europe. He has his BS.



It all happened so long ago. Still, I will make an attempt to place my own history as accurately as possible. My pre-kindergarten schooling was all homeschooling. I received home education, if I remember correctly, in items like biology and the English language. This is fairly standard practice, although not all parents participate. That all being stated, I didn't receive any awards at this time in my tiny child life.

Elementary School

Kindergarten through third grade I attended school at Prospect Mill Elementary School. I studied an instrument called a recorder. I have provided a link if you feel so inclined. I also studied basics like mathematics and English. We were taught shapes, but I had already known what my basic shapes were by this point. Overall, this school was a good experience, and it helped to shape me.


Elementary School Continued and Middle School

During grades four through six I was homeschooled. This gave me the opportunity to learn at my own pace. There was a greater desire to do well, as my own mother was again the teacher. Not every grade I got was a good one. She was a fair teacher. Moreover, I loved all the extra time that I had to read. English learning was perfecting itself naturally.

Middle School Continued

This is where I truly shined. I received three separate awards as I was educated at Havre de Grace Middle School. My achievements remain on paper to this day. These were good years for my education.

Middle School Continued Two

I went to North Harford Middle School to learn swimming. I loved this program. It is a very useful skill to have when we live so close to the water!

High School

I then went to Havre de Grace High School. I dropped out shortly before graduation. I gained my high school diploma through the Maryland GED program. I almost passed three sections with honors. I was so close! I studied a number of items at Havre de Grace High School including piano and biology. I witnessed a pig dissection (I didn't participate; I wasn't too happy that the dead pigs were babies). I studied the sciences and I spent much of my time learning Spanish. I took two Spanish courses during my time at Havre de Grace High School.


I was inducted into two honorary societies, and received a number of awards, while I went to Harford Community College.My GPA was nearly perfect! I loved my time here. I plan to possibly return for a second degree in the future. I was able to intern at two schools while I went to this college, and I majored in Spanish. My Spanish had been coming to fruition as I worked full-time at a restaurant with native speakers. My college experience was part-time for this reason, although I attended every semester. It was during this time that I also took meditation classes through the Kadampa Meditation Center in Maryland.


My studies at Towson University continue to the present moment. I should begin summer classes in a few days. I continued working for Uber Eats because of the flexibility of such a work schedule. It is noteworthy that I was invited into two honorary societies during my time here. I also have taken non-credit courses at the University of Virginia and the University of Pennsylvania.

© 2020 Alexander James Guckenberger


Laura Guckenberger on June 19, 2020:

That's my Alex!!

Alexander James Guckenberger (author) from Maryland, United States of America on June 04, 2020:


I appreciated the experience. It is not for everyone.

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Thank you so much for your kind words.

I like that idea. Maybe I should!

Thanks for stopping by. :)

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on June 04, 2020:

I couldn't imagine being home schooled but if I had children in school these days I would consider it.

Keep up your studies and don't give up on your dreams.

Spanish is a great language to learn. Maybe you could be a translator for others who travel...might get you a few nice trips.

Thanks for sharing.

Alexander James Guckenberger (author) from Maryland, United States of America on May 24, 2020:

Pamela Oglesby,

Thank you. I love my Mom.

Alexander James Guckenberger (author) from Maryland, United States of America on May 24, 2020:

Maria Elizabeth,

I think it is important to do so. :)

Maria Elizabeth from Cheshire/Greater Manchester, UK on May 24, 2020:

What a beautiful life. I like that you appreciate every step

Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on May 24, 2020:

You have certainly been well-educated and imagine your Spanish is excellent. It is nice that your mother home schooled you some of the time.

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