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Grudge Match: Jo March v. Anne Shirley

Jo March and Anne Shirley are two characters from literature who are not too dissimilar, but which one of them will come out on top if you compare them with each other? Which one of them would come out on top? Let us try and figure out which one of them would win in a fight between the two of them:

  1. Both are highly intelligent and spend at least part of their lives as teachers. Jo starts her own school in the house that was given to her by her great aunt March, and Anne spent time working at a girl’s private school. Anne wins this round, as she won over a whole city of snobbish people (and causes them to think far more favorably of her).
  2. Both of them are writers. Anne writes a book of short stories based on the people and places that she lived near when she was growing up around, and Jo wrote a book based on her and her sisters’ lives when they were growing up. Jo wins this round, as the book she wrote was far more successful than Anne’s book.
  3. Both of them have multiple people wanting to marry them, as though being a wild woman during the time of the Civil War or WWI made them both rather special. Neither of them moved ahead of the other in this regard; they are pretty much dead even.
  4. With the two of them being dead even, there will need to be something to break the tie. But what about the two of them could be compared to pick the winner? Perhaps, if we speculated if the two of them got into a physical altercation. They would likely both do rather well, but only one of them could come out as the winner. With Anne’s temper, fueled by her red hair, she would be hard to beat. Jo would never be able to keep up with any fight that Anne might have.

Winner: Anne Shirley.

Who do you think would win in a fight between Jo March and Anne Shirley?

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