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Grudge Match: CS Lewis v. JRR Tolkien

CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien are both Big Name authors; they were also friends and shared their writing with each other as they were working on it (in their club that they called The Inklings). But which of them was the better author? If we were to compare them to each other, which one of them would come out on top?

  1. Lewis was a Christian Apologists and beat people over the head with his religious views. As a result, it made his stories less enjoyable than they might otherwise have been, as you could not get away from him forcing the issue. Tolkien was also a very religious person, but none of his religious views were thrown in your face. Instead, all of his beliefs were subtly applied to the story, so that it could be enjoyed.
  2. Tolkien came up with original ideas without stealing or copying his friends, and he often reworked and changed the history of Middle-Earth. Lewis was not above taking ideas that Tolkien had come up with and making pale imitations of them in his own work (ones that were not nearly as good or grand). Lewis was even not above admitting that he had taken ideas from Tolkien (misspelling the words that he had stolen from his friend) and saying that people should go to his friend’s work and read that.
  3. Lewis’s work is so heavily ingrained with allegory, there is only one way to read the text, and only one message to take away from it. Tolkien’s work isso rich with applicability and history that you can find new meanings with each reading, and there are always new details to find with each reading.

Winner: Tolkien

Who do you think should have won? Was it Lewis, or was it Tolkien? Tell me in the comments.

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