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Great Reader

Halley was a teacher at a junior high school. who loves to write and always wants to learn new things about the world of authorship.


Seeing the Symbol of a sign

Recognizing Readable Signs

Reading One to two and many faces.

Understanding Life behind words and writing.

Great Reader

Giving traces of what has been stepped on

seems to be the wisest

quietly hijacking bits of thought thought deliberately requested.

then smile to be a giver

after taking the most for yourself.

Great Reader

Become a Deputy and a vague part then take the highest position

while all talkative and busy being the main character.

Occasionally there is a discussion and is divided into two sides that are not angled.

But not the circle of similarity sought.

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Points of truth not to be found.

Deliberately left to fade into junk.

Great Reader

Keep playing with Dual role

mix and change arbitrarily into Pros and Cons.

Then fill the bag to fill it yourself

then as if like a fairy

go in the crowd

present on the sidelines of other personal free time.

Great Reader

Write history without having to work hard

The weapon is what is written

the power is what is read

while he realized

That he is nobody

but can play other humans.


Let me keep reading and writing

Until I was EXCELLENT to realize

That life is not just giving

But just like you who always receive in silence

with a conscious mind that you are an accomplished reader.

© 2021 Halley Kawistoro

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