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Great Indian Freedom Fighters, Influential Orators and Poetess is Sarojini Naidu.

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I am an English Writer from India. I like Indian history from my childhood. Today, I post great poetess in Indian History.

She is a freedom fighter, great orator and poetess.

She is a freedom fighter, great orator and poetess.

Sarojini Naidu's Life

Introduction :

She was actively involved in the Indian independence movement. She was also called the Nightingale of India. Her poems include poems on children, nature, patriotism, love and death, especially for children's poetry. Most of the people were reminiscing about their childhood by reading his poems. There was a mischievousness in his poems which reflected his childhood and that is why he was called the 'Cuckoo of India'

Sarojini Naidu was one of the great Indian freedom fighters, influential orators and Poetess. Her full name is Sarojini Aghornath Chattopadhyay (Chatterjee). Sarojini Naidu was born in Hyderabad on 13 February, 1879.

Aghornath's original family was born from East Bengal and the village was Brahmanagar. Sarojini's mother Varadasundari Devi is originally from Bengal. She was doing poetry in Bengali. Sarojini was brought up by such cultured parents at an early age. This led to her becoming a poet and as a child she became interested in poetry and got inspiration.

Gauss wrote the preface to her first collection of poetry, The Golden Threshold, in 1905, and it became well known in the literary field of the time. She received a fair response from the newspapers. Rabindranath Tagore also praised her poetry.

Passionate Poetry

After the return of Sarojini Naidu to India in 1898, She met Dr. Govindarajulu Naidu married a widower doctor in the Nizam's institution according to the customs of the Brahmin community. The marriage was inter provincial and inter caste like Bengal and Madras. So at that time it became very popular and this is where Sarojini"s social work started.

After The Goldenolden Threshold, Sarojini published a collection of poems, the Bird of Time in 1912, and The Broken Wing in 1917. A Hindi woman written in beautiful English poem. Her poems were melodious, Nationalistic, reward for love and reversionary Nationalist thought. The features of her poem were very popular. She gained fame in the West as well as in the East and Rose to prominence as a poetess.

It was a matter of great admiration and excellence for woman to be the first woman president of the Indian National Congress at that time. She got this honor for her deeds.

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She was so brilliant and talented woman.

She was so brilliant and talented woman.

Her Educational Journey

She was known all over India as one of the leading woman leaders in the freedom struggle. Even abroad, she had a reputation as a poetess of the highest caliber.

She passed the matriculation examination at the age of 12. Due to both favorable conditions and brilliant intellect, she went to England for further education. On her return from England, however, she observed the political and social sphere in India. From that she chose the social and political life as her field of work.

People used to crowd her lectures because of her erudition, humor and loud voice. At that time, English literature was also absorbing her poetry. She was a poet herself and was called "Nightingale" because of her sweet vocals. After coming in contact with Mahatma Gandhi and Annie Besant, she became a supporter of Gandhi and Congress.

At the Widows' Marriage Conference held in 1908, she presented the award for women's freedom. From the Congress meeting held in Lucknow in 1916, she had devoted herself to national service. After Tilak's death, Sarojini Naidu became full fledged Gandhian and made radical changes in dress and lifestyle. She moved from Hyderabad to Mumbai.

She was actively participated in freedom struggle.

She was actively participated in freedom struggle.

Her Political Journey

She was elected as a member of Mumbai Municipal Corporation. She presided over the Congress convention in Kanpur in 1925. She spent her life for the nation. She was a great patriot. She joined the non- cooperation movement while travelling around the country to spread the Home Rule League.

In 1929, she became the President of the African Indian Congress. In 1947, she became the President of the Asian Council. Sarojini Devi had the honor of being the first woman governor of the United provinces.

She was constantly striving for Hindu Muslim unity. This glorious country woman passed away on 2nd March,1949. On 13th February 1964, the Government of India issued a postage stamp of 15 praise in her honor, justifying her birthday.

Sarojini Naidu not only gained a reputation as a great revolutionary and a good politician but she was also known as a good poetess. In her poems, she not only sowed the seeds of revolutionary thought in the people but also gave a wonderful interpretation of Indian culture. She wrote extensively on children's literature and became famous for it.

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