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Graphic Novel Review: "Robin: Year One" by Chuck Dixon

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"Robin: Year One" deluxe edition cover.

"Robin: Year One" deluxe edition cover.

Quick Info

  • Author: Chuck Dixon
  • Publisher: DC Comics
  • Published: February 27, 2018 (deluxe edition reprint)
  • Page Count: 216 pages
  • Availability: Buy the deluxe edition on Amazon in hardcover or softcover, on Kindle digital, or your local book store, streaming on DCUniverseInfinite

Story Summary

Dick Grayson’s first rookie year as Robin is told in this story. He cracks a case involving the Mad Hatter and has to take him down without Batman’s help.

Later, he and Batman have to face off against Two-Face and Dick discovers that not all Batman’s foes are silly crooks with gimmicks.

The Story Is Great!

Robin: Year One is an interesting story. It shows Dick Grayson in his rookie year as Robin, fighting crime and assisting Batman. It’s an interesting character dynamic and it even shows the early signs that they will one day split over how Batman handles things.

The story has an interesting dynamic that I enjoyed a lot. It’s also nice to see Robin taking on some of Batman’s more famous villains early in his career.

It also shows that Dick really wanted to help Bruce as Batman and I enjoyed the writing for this book.

I really enjoy this comic. The story is very well done and Dick Grayson is one of my favorite characters to read. The plot is good and shows Robin’s interactions with various villains as well as how he handles being Batman’s partner. Chuck Dixon is a great Batman writer and specializes in writing Dick Grayson, he wrote Nightwing: Year One, which I enjoyed a lot.

Dick and Bruce ditch a party to go out on patrol.

Dick and Bruce ditch a party to go out on patrol.

The Art Style Is Weird

Scott Beatty’s art is very interesting. It’s a very unique art style that isn’t used in a lot of comics. It’s very cartoonish and stylized and it’s unique to him because I’ve never seen anyone else draw art like he does.

I don’t think it’s the most amazing art but I do think it’s good enough and makes the story visually interesting to look at. But it’s not my favorite, like Batman: The Long Halloween by Jeph Loeb, you’ll either like the art or you won’t.

The artwork isn’t my favorite though. Its cartoony style might not appeal to everyone. It could be a turn-off for some comic fans. But once you get past the art style, you can enjoy the story. Scott Beatty does a good job and his art is good but unique.

Parental Warning

As a note to parents, this graphic novel has violence, some language, and some blood. It is recommended for ages 13 and up.

The Story Isn’t the Most Exciting Batman Comic

While I know that many fans like me, love this comic, I find that it’s not the most exciting comic I’ve ever read, it is an interesting read but if you’re looking for exciting comics this might not be the one for you.

It is an interesting character study of Dick Grayson, but it might not be that exciting for everyone.

Two-Face kidnaps Judge Lawrence Watkins for revenge.

Two-Face kidnaps Judge Lawrence Watkins for revenge.

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I Enjoy This Comic

It’s been a long time since I read this comic so I went back and reread it, and while I did enjoy it, it’s not my favorite comic, I love it for featuring Dick Grayson and not being screwed over by the editorial for once, unlike many of his recent comic runs where thing happen to him because editorial wants them to happen instead of things happening naturally because of the story.

I still enjoy this comic and it’s been in my comic collection for years but it’s been out of print until 2018 when D.C. Comics released Robin: Year One ina hardcover deluxe edition that makes it worth buying the comic.

If you don’t want to buy the comic, it’s still fine because you can read it on DCUniverseInfinite with a subscription and it’s nice because that subscription does save you a ton of money even if you only read a couple of trade paperbacks worth of comic issues.

It is a fun story that is fun if you want to look at Dick Grayson’s early years as Robin.

Quick Summary

What Works:What Doesn't Work:

Good story, characters, and world-building

It Isn't the most exciting book

It's an interesting look at Robin's first year

You may or may not like the artwork

My Grade B+

Robin: Year One is a great book, it might not be a must-own for all Batman fans, but it is one that you should read if you like Dick Grayson as a character. It’s a fun story that, while not perfect, is one Robin: Year One is one that I bought for my own comic collection because I enjoyed the character.

I highly recommend Robin: Year One, it’s a great comic but you don’t necessarily have to buy a copy since DCUniverseInfinite has it up on their website with a streaming subscription. It is a fun comic and I do think that any fan of Dick Grayson will enjoy it.

The artwork is a little different compared to other comics but that’s always subjective either way. You might like the artwork more than I do, but the fact that I don’t love the artwork didn’t deter me from buying a physical copy of the graphic novel because I enjoyed the character more than just the artwork.

If your local library has Robin: Year One on their library shelves I’d recommend borrowing it because it is worth a read at least once.

I was happy to purchase this book, mainly because I enjoyed Chuck Dixon’s writing.

The writing is solid and if you want a well-written story about Dick Grayson/Robin you’ll want to at least give this story a read. If you enjoy old comics you might want to buy this one because the Nightwing: Year One Deluxe Edition went out of print and now Nightwing: Year One is out of print again too.

I also recommend reading this on DCUniverseInfinite if you have a subscription there. It was easy for me to reread it there when I wanted to read it again but didn’t want to pull the physical copy off my bookshelf.

It was an easy reread and I enjoyed the story again. It’s not my favorite story but I still had a fun time reading it.

The art might be unique and weird but if you don’t like the artwork I’ve used in this review you don’t have to buy the book. The artwork is weird and different but if you like what you see then go ahead and buy the book.

If you enjoy Dick Grayson as a character, you’ll want to read Robin: Year One. It’s definitely a solid character story and the plot is a lot of fun. I highly recommend buying this. But if you are curious and you just want to read it, see if your local library has it. You might have to buy it yourself though because it’s not a well-known Batman book. It’s well worth your time and money and you won’t regret reading it, but try to look through it to see if you like the artwork though.

It is available on DCUniverseInfinite so you can read it with a subscription. Not everyone will like it but if Dick Grayson is your favorite character, you’ll want to read it. It does have a place in my graphic novel collection because he is one of my favorite characters.

Just give it a try, you might enjoy reading Robin: Year One.

My Rating

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