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Graphic Novel Review: Batman: Hush by Jeph Loeb

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Quick Info:

Author: Jeph Loeb
Publisher: DC Comics
Year Published: August 18, 2009
Page Count: 320 pages
Availability: In Print, buy on Amazon or at your local bookstore, available on DCUniverseInfinite

Story Summary:

Batman is involved in a mystery after a young Edward Lamont IV is kidnapped by Killer Croc. He must investigate who is behind it and who cut his Batline that caused him to fall into Crime Alley while he was chasing Catwoman.

Batman is saved from certain death by a childhood friend, Thomas, “Tommy” Elliot.

Batman tries to figure out who was behind his fall and who is the mysterious criminal manipulating the current events in his life.


I Love the Story and the Writing:

Jeph Loeb’s writing is excellent. I love the dialogue and descriptions in this graphic novel are very well done. This is one of my favorite comics to read, although sometimes I feel the pacing is a little too slow at some points in this comic.

I enjoy the writing because the dialogue is well written, clever and entertaining. The character writing is also something I enjoy and everyone feels like they are in character in the story and I really enjoyed this story because of the writing.

This Story is Interesting Because of the Characters:

What makes Batman: Hush one of my favorite graphic novels about Batman is that the characters around him.

This Batman story is especially interesting because of his relationship with Catwoman and how it became a romantic one after years and years of hinting at it.

Since Batman keeps his hero identity a secret from everyone, it makes it hard for him to have romantic attachments to women, so for him to open up his life to Selina Kyle as both Bruce Wayne and Batman raises the stakes of the story because of the mysterious criminal manipulating everything.


It’s Nice to See Other Characters from the DC Universe in this book Too:

I really loved that Jeph Loeb brought Superman into the story by having Batman go to Metropolis.

I like Batman and Superman’s relationship and that’s why I hated the Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice because their relationship was portrayed so poorly in the film. Fortunately, that’s not the case in the Batman: Hush graphic novel.

The Batman and Superman fight in this comic is ten times better than anything in the movie.


I love the Plot Twists:

Batman: Hush is a mystery, it has a lot of twists and turns and surprises. I enjoy this comic because it has some very clever plot twists and even who the villain of the story is.

It is definitely a great story, it’s even better if you haven’t read any spoilers online for any of the characters in this story arc.

I also like how it took some obscure characters and did some interesting things with them along with the more famous characters from DC Comics.

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Jeph Loeb also surprised people by having Jason Todd reappear in the story, because the character had been dead for awhile, but before Judd Winick made his resurrection official in Batman: Under the Red Hood, this was the first time we’d seen the character after he died in Batman: A Death in the Family.

If you want to keep all the surprises from being ruined, you shouldn’t look up anything about the villain Hush online; it makes the story more interesting if you don’t know who he is going into it.

Reader Poll:

The Art in this Comic Looks Fantastic:

Jim Lee’s art looks fantastic, as you can see from the pictures, the art looks extremely realistic and it’s an art style that I love to look at. It might not appeal to all comic readers but I think it looks fantastic.

Because the art is very detailed, the fights also look really cool and I love the character designs and Jim Lee’s illustrations.

The Story can feel a little Slow:

The story can feel very slow and that not a lot is happening, but I found the mystery to be interesting and that I enjoyed the pacing, even if it does feel slow.

It’s not really a fast-paced compared to other Batman stories I’ve read, but it’s a mystery and it can be slow paced.

Some readers might not like the slower parts of the story, and it does seem to drag in the middle somewhat, so if you don’t’ like stories where the pacing seems uneven, Batman: Hush might not be one for you.

Age Rating:

This comic is recommended for ages 13 and up. It contains blood, violence and some language.

This is One of my Favorite Batman Stories:

I love Batman: Hush, it’s one of my favorite stories because of the mystery, the character interactions, and the artwork.

It’s one of those stories that impacted comics because of the first reappearance of Jason Todd, but that’s not the only thing that makes the story memorable, the creation of a new Batman villain left an impact on comics and is a fun, exciting story for Batman fans new and old alike.

Quick Summary:

What Works:What Doesn't Work:

Good story, plot and writing

Slow pacing

Excellent art work and coloring

Surprise and plot twists make it interesting


Grade: A:

I love this graphic novel, it’s an excellent story with a good plot and it keeps you guessing at who the true villain is. I love this story for all the surprises, twists and turns it has.

Jim Lee’s artwork is outstanding. It looks very detailed and relatively realistic, except for some fanservice. I like the style of art is really nice and sharp. I also like the coloring of the comic and how bright it is.

The action scenes are exciting and the mystery is intriguing. I enjoyed the plot and all the twists and turns, even if the comic is slow sometimes, it’s still an interesting story that Batman fans will enjoy reading this graphic novel.

This is a great Batman comic for anyone trying to find a great place to start, despite the DC Universe reboot with the DC New 52. It doesn’t require you to know anything about Batman to enjoy this story.

This Batman comic received critical acclaim and it deserves all the accolades it received.0

I also love that this story arc is longer than the usual six chapter graphic novel; DC Comics released a complete comic that has all 12 issues of the story arc.

Batman: Hush is a terrific graphic novel. The plot is well done, the art is fantastic and it’s a great book. If you love a good Batman story, check this one out. It is well worth your time to check it out from the library.

I love this book a lot and I bought this graphic novel blind. I can even recommend a blind buy and I usually don’t recommend blind buying comics, but it does belong in your comic book collection if you buy comics, and especially if you like Batman. If you’re curious about it, check if your local library has a copy and borrow it.

You can also buy it for your Amazon Kindle if you want, but you won’t be able to enjoy the colored art unless your Kindle screen is colored and not black and white. I bought this story back when it was released as two separate graphic novels, but it’s one that gives you a bang for your buck.

It’s one of my favorite Batman stories and I feel that fans of DC Comics iconic character will really enjoy it, especially if you’ve never read it before. It’s one that I’m very happy to have on my bookshelf, even if I haven’t read it in awhile.

My Rating:

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