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Graphic Novel Review: "Batman: Dark Victory" By Jeph Loeb

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"Batman: Dark Victory" new edition official artwork.

"Batman: Dark Victory" new edition official artwork.

Quick Info

Author: Jeph Loeb
Publisher: DC Comics
Published: October 1, 2002
Availability: in print, buy on Amazon or your local bookstore; buy digitally on Comixology, streaming on DCUniverseInfinite

Story Summary

Batman continues his crusade against the mobsters in Gotham City while police officers are being murdered. At the center of it all is Alberto Falcone, the killer known as “Holiday”, but is he behind the murders?

The Story Is Very Interesting and Sets up a New Mystery

I loved the previous story Batman: The Long Halloween by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale, and I wanted to read Batman: Dark Victory for a long time despite disliking the artwork for the first story. The graphic novel for Batman: Dark Victory is not available in my library system but since I subscribed to DCuniverseInfinite I have had access to the story but I hadn’t taken time to read it.

I recently read it and I enjoyed the story a lot. I do like the new mystery and how it ties into Tony Zucco and Dick Grayson’s origins as Robin.

The mystery surrounding the new killer is something that I enjoyed a lot, because it wasn’t easy to deduce who the killer is.

Batman's rogues gallery plotting and planning.

Batman's rogues gallery plotting and planning.

The Art Looks the Same So You’ll Love It or Hate It

Tim Sale’s art is not my favorite, but just because I think it’s kind of ugly doesn’t mean that you won’t like the art, since art is always subjective. It does have nice action scenes and the character designs are very interesting compared to other graphic novels.

Tim Sale’s artwork is similar to the previous installment in this storyline, Batman: The Long Halloween, and while I don’t like this art style very much there are plenty of fans that do.

Batman: Dark Victory is a fantastic book, but I dislike the art because I feel it’s ugly, but it’s a very unique art style that you’ll love or hate. I still enjoyed the story even if I didn’t like the artwork. You can judge for yourself whether you’ll like the art style from the comic panels I’ve posted in this review.

The Story Isn’t as Interesting as “The Long Halloween” but It’s Still Good

Batman: Dark Victory is a very well-written book and I enjoyed it a lot, but I don’t feel it was as interesting as Batman: The Long Halloween, the mystery, while very well-done just didn’t have the same kind of energy and intensity that the previous book had.

The story isn’t bad, but it’s just not as interesting as Batman: The Long Halloween. The story is a good mystery but it didn’t grab my interest like the previous book.

I did read it pretty quickly but I just remember finishing Batman: The Long Halloween quicker than Batman: Dark Victory.

I did like Dick Grayson being in the book, but he doesn’t get too much character development outside of his main plot points to become Robin. But, interestingly, he isn’t as nice to Bruce as he is in other versions and adaptations of his origin story.

I just feel that while it was a very good story it just wasn’t as good as Batman: The Long Halloween. I do hope if they ever adapt this book into an animated movie that they make it a little more interesting in terms of its pacing because it didn’t hold my attention as the previous book did

It Didn’t Surpass “Batman: The Long Halloween” but It’s a Good Storyline

I enjoyed Batman: Dark Victory by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale. While it’s not my favorite story and I don’t like the art style, I don’t think it’s a bad Batman book, it’s just not one of my favorites.

It’s an enjoyable mystery book that I do think any fan of Batman will want to read. It is one that I was happy to pick up and read.

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Batman interrogates Scarecrow for the location of Two-Face.

Batman interrogates Scarecrow for the location of Two-Face.

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It’s Worth Your Time and Money but It’s Not My Favorite

While I did enjoy reading Batman: Dark Victory, do feel that Batman: The Long Halloween was a better story. But Batman: Dark Victory is still a fantastic graphic novel and it retold the familiar story of Dick Grayson’s origins as Robin with a different take regarding interactions between Dick and Bruce, which I thought was interesting.

The mystery in the story is also pretty good, but not as interesting as the mystery in Batman: The Long Halloween.

Most Batman fans highly recommend reading Batman: Dark Victory if you enjoyed Batman: The Long Halloween. I do think that the book is very well done even if I don’t personally like the art style as much as other readers do.

It is worth your time, but you might want to read it first before deciding if you want to have it in your graphic novel collection.

Quick Summary

What Works:What Doesn't Work:

Great story, characters, and world-building

You will either love or hate the artwork

A unique art style that isn't used in other books

The mystery isn't as interesting as the one in "Batman: The Long Halloween"

The writing is very good

My Grade: B

I did enjoy reading Batman: Dark Victory, but I didn’t enjoy it enough to pick up a physical or digital copy of the book. Since I’m subscribed to DCUniverseInfinite I can read many issues of D.C. Comics’ vast library for all their mainstream superheroes and I had wanted to read Batman: Dark Victory for a long time.

I did enjoy reading the book, it did keep my attention and even though I didn’t like the art, it is something that I got used to while reading Batman: The Long Halloween.

Batman: The Long Halloween is an excellent graphic novel that any Batman fan can pick up and enjoy. It’s an interesting story with a decent mystery that I enjoyed reading.

While the writing is good, the story isn’t one of my personal favorites but I did enjoy reading it. I love the character interactions and the retelling of Robin’s origin story. While I did enjoy the mystery of the plot I just feel that it didn’t top the mystery in Batman: The Long Halloween.

Is Batman: Dark Victory a fantastic Batman book? Yes, it is. Is it worth your time and money? Yes, but you should read it first before buying it because you’ll want to form your own opinion of the artwork. I don’t like the artwork that much and that’s why I’ve never bought Batman: The Long Halloween or Batman: Dark Victory. But if you like the artwork then you should buy this book.

I recommend borrowing it from your local library if it’s available and then deciding if you want to buy it for your graphic novel collection. I am happy that I read it on DCUniverseInfinite and that I didn’t have to rely on my local library to read it.

It is a great book and if you like the story it is worth a purchase. I won’t recommend a blind buy because I’m not buying it to own it. I didn’t like the artwork but that’s just my preference.

If you like the story and the artwork then you will want to own a copy of Batman: Dark Victory. If you just want to read the story then you should see if your local library has a copy so you can borrow it and read it for yourself.

I enjoyed reading Batman: Dark Victory a lot. It is a very well-done Batman comic that is a must-read for any fan of Batman and his rogues’ gallery. It is a fun and interesting graphic novel that is great for both longtime fans and newcomers to the character.

The graphic novel isn’t perfect but I enjoyed reading it and feel it’s worth your time to read it. Batman: Dark Victory is a solid graphic novel that is entertaining for new and longtime fans alike.

I highly recommend reading Batman: Dark Victory, you should borrow it from your local library or read it on DCUniverseInfinite. This graphic novel is worth your time to read and you should buy it if you enjoyed reading it.

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