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It's All in the Work: Diligence

Stop the Madness!


It's All in the Work

By human default we look for easier ways to achieve big things, but in this arena there are no shortcuts. Horrifying, I know because it's unbearably uncomfortable, makes one uneasy, and is nearly impossible to get ourselves to believe we must take the road less travelled.

I bet there's a fair amount of people thinking there's some trick to climbing to the top. I listen to Phillip Pullman trying to get through my head what a writer has to go through to actually write and finish a story. It's taken me years to adjust myself. There is an actual inner preparative period you must go through before it flows. What I realized is that my network marketing business is no different, the process is identical! Pullman says it's habit that got his books completed not talent.

My own mind pulled me into things like write a book overnight or take this course and magic just hits you. That is the curse. Believing there is a way around the work, a way around the effort and that you can get all you want for free. I ask you, has that ever worked for you because I'm still waiting for proof myself.

You know what happens when we have to divorce easy street? Dread. Fear. Nervous tension. We don't want to feel negative emotions. We want to avoid the pain and achieve the gain, but it simply never works that way.


Beat the Monsters

The mistake is many of us believe in monsters. These are things that stop us from, say, writing a novel or refraining from quitting our online businesses. These huge monsters seem to stand in front of us just to block out the light. So, our minds start inventing:

"There must be an easier way to do this." "Maybe I'm just not good at this." "Someone has the magic key and I'll start when I find it."

We read or listen to others in search for some magic easy pill that never shows up and in the meantime have never accomplished a thing.

The illusion is; we're running around trying to find what doesn't exist. As long as we give this illusion oxygen to breathe we remain frozen, inactive and ruined. When you write you have no clue where you're headed. This need for going back to do surgery on a story is shockingly intimidating, even having to weave details together we didn't see before, but none of this happens unless we DO THE WORK not until we SIT and act and rise above the fear of it not working. We have to ascend above the actual bad FEELING and take the monsters by their scrawny necks.


Diligence: The Magic Key to Success

Writing the ideas is one thing, going back a million times to revise is another, that takes work. Look up the word diligence. That might be the magic word. I will spell it out for you here:

Diligence: constant and earnest effort to accomplish what is undertaken; persistent exertion of body or mind. Law. the degree of care and caution required by the circumstances of a person

Just as building an audience, team and client base. Writers and network marketers alike have to deal with the identical agonizing emotions and thoughts arising from old patterning. If we only realized this in the beginning.

Proverb: "If you work carefully and constantly, you will be far more likely to be successful, as if luck had come your way."

Opposite of Diligence


What Are We Making Our Habits Of?

I see people with stars in their eyes, that really believe they're going to start something new today find Disney tomorrow and money-filled golden gates. The majority think this way. We see others doing what we only dream of yet lack the habits that got them there. It looks like they wrote a book overnight, right? Write a book in 7 days, all marketing, good luck. What went on behind the scenes as Roald Dahl frequented his little shed for 6 months? Perhaps immersing himself in diligence.

We need to ask ourselves, have we developed the correct habits? Cannot rely on the old ones assuming we'll create something new with them, what an irony. Makes one think. What are we thinking we're doing?

Not Afraid of the Work

What if we just decide we are no longer afraid of the work? Let's create some magic here. What if we flip the emotions from fear, dread, and doubt to: delight, anticipation, or even thrill? Let's find a way to become comfortable with the task at hand.

Find something in the task that will bring you joy. Writing a story is harsh, but what if you saw it as curious or unexpected or some mysterious journey? What if you focused on how incredible life would be in the end when it's all done and people read it?

This must become habit. So, do it long enough to create a lasting one. Every time you pick up a pen or contact a customer, say, new habits have to take charge. If you're lacking motivation know you're still controlled by old habits, do not let them win or nothing gets done.

What if you don't have energy at all? Or what if you are depressed and cannot get into it? This we must address first. We have to feel good and have energy to even attempt diligence. So if you are down get up take some cbd or go for a walk or watch something funny. Exercise or take some msm or coQ enyzme or dance around the room. First you certainly need to prime your health and emotions before you start, if you can't do all this take nap, then go back to it.

It will get easier, but this also takes diligence. If you really want something, do it the right way. Change yourself to change your outcome. Look straight into the mirror. You know what needs to be done. That less travelled road is waiting, there's no time to lose. It's a difficult one, but the only one.

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