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Google Building the Foundation to Diversify Workforce

On behalf of Urban Possibilities i had the privilege to hear first hand what Google was trying to do to make their company more diversified.

Google Partnering With Rainbow Push Tech 2020 #rainbowpushtech2020 #rainbowpushtech2020

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Showing up:  I came to feel welcomed and privileged to be invited. Hope you enjoy the seeds  I collected for our writing group from check the flyer!!!! Be @innercityarts on  July 16th,2015

Showing up: I came to feel welcomed and privileged to be invited. Hope you enjoy the seeds I collected for our writing group from check the flyer!!!! Be @innercityarts on July 16th,2015

Rainbow Push Pushing for Google Diversification

  • #urbanpossibilities and #hoodabdul @googlebinocularsbuilding

On June 30, 2015, definitely a big day. The end of the sixth cycle. The beginning of something vital, for Urban Possibilities and all small businesses and non-profits alike.

  • Networking with the Dream Makers, Risk Takers and the Money Makers.
  • @ 340 Main. St. Venice ca. 90291. Start time 5:30pm.

It was a pleasure from the beginning, here to network while being of service to our community of writers.

Urban Possibilities is transforming lives. We envision the transformation of a program into the staple of rebuilding the minds of those who have lost hope.

I am ready to take down seeds to give back after they have been collected. I've heard of the Rainbow Coalition.

  • Rainbow Push? Is to be continued. To take an educated guess a movement is about to begin. Urban Possibilities wants to be on the forefront of change. We are writers coming from backgrounds that have humbled and hardened our hearts. Locking or unlocking our minds. I'm underdressed, I don't think that's going to stop me though. I'm in the lobby of the Binoculars Building ready to listen. I see gift bags. Thank You Eyvette!
  • Idea: " Urban Possibilities App " - The place where we can log in, post video, pics with exclusive layouts developed and designed by Urban Possibilities. Link to a publishing program to build and maintain via download. Could we capture the positivity via pics and video. Through articles and performances shared via app members, then to public. Private app exclusive to members.
  • Jalihla - is the first person I was able to meet she was with the "PR" department asking if I was with the press.

So many people, gracing this Google building, that before now I had no idea existed.

  • Rev. Jesse Jackson is here, people with the city are also making there impression.

Networking their angles. I made a contact from a random approach by:

  • Pastor Michael Bennet. He was the second person I met.
  • Politicians ' politicking,
  • Pictures being snapped.

Flashes are Blinding.

  • Remember, I am here to listen.
  • Networking , I'm not sure Glenda Gill second tour.
  • Theme: Platform to bring voice conduit to get us heard,
  • Lead by : Reverend Jackson. Challenge for companies.
  • Research: in Chicago, Detroit, NY, partnership with google important, Ask you to turn phones off, special gift. diversify markets, are seeds being collected. @chrisgenteel.

Diversity inclusion, we all could be included if we link up. One step further make info accessible to all, These were seeds planted and delivered.

  • Hire more diverse Googlers. Foster a fair and inclusive Google.
  • Expand the pool of technologist and bridge the digital divide.

Google Build or Google Bold Program

  • One week visit to Google.
  • Generations Google scholarships Stem Field, tragedy into progress. The mention of Johnson Publishing occurred several times so I would suggest googling it for more info. Navarro was mentioned in the discussion about the digital divide.
  • Close the divide project a billion challenges for African, Robert Townsend was present and we need to tell our own stories instead of depending on others to get it right. Operate in the digital space was the theme youth programs are @Google, only concern is not content creation but focus on the business side.
  • studio for people who gain 10,000 subscribers gain free access.
  • Jamal Finkley was present on the panel, sharing how within three years of monetizing his YouTube account he made at least a million dollars.
  • Opportunities will come. Kelly connecting resources with Pierre says, it is limitless. The opportunities building our own platform and controlling our own content, monetizing our social web experience and become our own brand ambassadors.

Finding your Champion

Finding your advocate, somebody in that room that is telling your story when you're not there.

  • Shameless Plug
  • Digital L.A.
  • Meetup

These are apps and websites that were mentioned in the discussion.

Having a presence, showing up, to be part of the communities we all build and are building.

  • Erica Cambell was present,
  • Credentials include five Grammy's,
  • Five Stella awards. Mentioned social media having real time data and has 26,000 subscribers, be a part of the team.
  • Monetize your YouTube.

Thank you, I hope you have enjoyed the seeds from my experience at the Rainbow Push Tech 2020 conference, at the Google Binoculars Building.

It was truly an honor and a great experience to share with all of you. Enjoy the pictures and video is soon to come.

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  • #rainbowpushtech2020

Coming To The Stage!   #rainbowpushtech2020 #rainbowpushtech2020

© 2015 Abdul Hood

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