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A typhoon is coming. . . a typhoon; all over
Asia, Africa, Europe, Russia, America,
Australia — a typhoon is coming: dark skinned
monkeys will take up guns, fire bullets, break
(car) horns, capture Parliaments — it will go
on for 500 years.

After 500 years, white gods will descend
From the sky, and marry monkey~girls, and
have brown skinned humanoid babies. This
will go on for additional 500 years.

In the year 4021, a world government
will be formed to measure the electric
voltages of the human brain. I shall be
the chief captain of that project. I, a
wood and woodwork specialist, will pilot
the project.
I shall be selling wooden blocks
Freshly cut from the forests;
My wooden blocks will have 6 holes in their
But my colleagues will be selling 8~holed
blocks of wood, and will be earning more
money, and not even a single British penny
they would share with me;
Angered, I shall release a 3D typhoon
On Autodesk Maya, and the 3D Gaia
will become a part of Facebook VR!


Aiden (author) on August 18, 2021:

Thank you, Misbah.

Misbah Sheikh from — This Existence Is Only an Illusion on August 18, 2021:

Aiden, You've got a fantastic imagination. This poetry takes us on an incredible journey into the realms of fantasy. It's would be a total different earth, though I'm glad I won't be alive to see it. Thanks for sharing.

Blessings to you!

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