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Cute Good Morning My Love Quotes for Her

Sweet things to text your girlfriend when she wakes up

Sweet things to text your girlfriend when she wakes up

Good Morning Love Text Messages For My Girlfriend

Receiving a good morning text message from someone special is the dream of every girl and every good guy wants to start his day by sending cute morning quotes to his sweetheart. Hope you will enjoy these good morning SMS wishes and share these greeting on your Facebook status.

Good Morning My Love Messages for Her

  1. I love it when someone texts you first in the morning and it makes you feel special.
  2. Appreciate the things you have instead of the things you don’t.
  3. Everyone stands at the precipice of success, everyday they just don't realize it. Today we have a choice. Will we do the little things that will lead to success or slide by and think it doesn't matter? Success comes doing the little things even when we don't want to. Good morning.
  4. Don’t you hate when you have that amazing dream that feels so real. And you don’t want to wake up. Then you wake up and you are like to must sleep, must sleep.
  5. Everything we do is based on relationships, relationships with our significant others, our children, our parents, families, friends, colleagues even those we may be estranged from, or not fond of, we still have a relationship. Good or bad. Which means so much of our lives; and therefore our happiness is predicated on how we treat others and the relationships we cultivate. Have a nice day ahead.
  6. Wake up with a smile, may your day be full of happiness and awesome moments.
  7. My morning thought: Every time I take a breath or see the sunshine and streams flowing look up to the high mountains and further into the vast sky I know you are a wonderful God I think of the many times I have seen your powerful hand do miracles in my life how could I do without you Take my heart, my faith my trust.
  8. I love when you go to take a nap and then wake up eight hours later. Well played, body, well played. Wake up America!
  9. Don't cry if your love turns to ashes. You must believe that wind of change will take them to land of promise. Then the rain of care ness will wet and unite them again. The sun of truth will shine and harden them. In the end, in your hands they will be shaped again as a new heart to love. Good morning my sweet heart.
  10. Don’t like me? Good. You hate me? Much better! Well for your information: I didn’t wake up every day just to impress you.
  11. It's impossible to live as "a self created image" and experience the power and benefit of unconditional acceptance from another! It's a love that will never be trusted! Love who and what you are first, no matter what you're "looking like" now!
  12. Each morning I wake up with a smile on my face. The enemies always want to know why I'm always in a good mood. Well first you have to know my story to share my glory. The secret of happiness is to count your blessings while others are adding up their troubles! Good morning world, I am up.
  13. I hate the feeling when you wake up and you don't have the energy to do anything so you go to school and looking like a dumb.
  14. I hate that I am always so sleepy when I wake up no matter when I went to bed.
  15. If you know me, you know I don't like to wake up early. But if I have to wake up early I would rather do it to travel somewhere awesome, see friends and have some fun. Today I woke up early so let’s make a party.
  16. Love is infinitely while love lasts. Morning peeps.
  17. If you have plans for a year, share the seeds of rice. If you have plans for hundred years planted the tree. If you have plans for a long life, educate the society.
  18. What is everyone Sunday prayer in America? Thank you Lord, I can stay in bed a little longer this morning!
  19. There is no problem for me to kiss you or hug you in my dreams; this is why I wake up every morning with a smile.
  20. It is so frustrating when you wake up at 4:30 AM so you will be early and won't have to rush, yet all the cosmic powers work against you and you still have to rush around.
  21. If your prayers are not answered today, then there we'll have a reason to wake up again tomorrow and pray. Good morning my friends.
  22. Each of us has an inner warrior that must fight for something. Fight for love or your beliefs. Don't waste life sitting in complacency because you feel defeated. The best part about fighting is if it doesn't kill you, you can fight again and again and again and again until you win. Good morning.
  23. To get what we want, requires a certain amount of effort and, at times, even risk. But if we want to have a real value for us, we will do whatever is necessary to get it. Enjoy your day!
  24. Don't let your past be your crutch but let it become your motivation.
  25. Love is a battlefield because once you have love in your life then you never wants to let it go. Love of a spouse, a sister, a parent, a daughter, a son, a niece or nephew, an aunt or uncle or friend. Somehow we got a glimpse of the love of God in them as he created them. We want and can hold them in our hearts, no matter the battle. For we are His and He will not leave us and neither can we leave Him. Love is the power in us.
  26. Who would like to wake up so early yelling like crazy and trying to wake up everyone else?
  27. You know it’s going to be a weird day when you are sitting on the edge of your bed trying to wake up and you have a long journey and Interpol songs stuck in your head.
  28. Live your life every single day and enjoy it even if it’s not a good day, we have the power to always change it! Never settle for anything less or turn down an opportunity. Good morning friends!
  29. I don't want to waste my time about people who don’t like me, because my mind is too busy thinking about the person who loves me. Good morning my love.
cute things to do for

cute things to do for

The Sweetest Thing to Text your Girlfriend

  • Every fig tree that refuses to produce in our life is cut down by the power of the nature. Good morning pals.
  • Do not expect anything from a stingy person because he will say "A cent is too much to give”; everything is excessive in the sight of a miser.
  • Life's a peach and damn it tastes sweet! Good morning my love!
  • This World is worth existing only if the people who live in it care for one another, good morning.
  • A famous Korean proverb: Starting is the halfway. Good morning.
  • If you want to catch the tiger, you must go to where the tiger lives. Have a nice day1
  • Sometimes the best things in life are the things that have been with you since the beginning.
  • Some people possess some poison and that poison can kill love and the happiness of others. Don’t worry one day the truth will be revealed.
  • Be the type of a person that when your feet touch the ground every morning, the world says, oh thank you, you are up.
  • As the owner of the fig tree allows the unfruitful tree yet another year to produce fruits, so God gives sinners time and opportunity to bear the "fruit of repentance". His goal is not judgment but the fullness of life which he prepared for those who return to him. Have a nice morning!
  • One day, I sat under the shade of a thorn tree, I realized no matter how good the shade may feel, I must not relax too much for one wrong move I make. I will be stung by thorns. Life is more the same, no matter how good you got it, don’t be too relaxed because life has its own thorns and they sting hard! Good morning my love.

Good Morning Paragraph for Her

Make sure when you are trying to get a point across you do it in such a way that everyone can easily understand. You can spend all your life trying to educate someone and if they don’t understand what you are saying; you have taught them nothing. Good morning, my love!

Long Good Morning Messages for Her

  1. You must apply yourself to whatever it is you are doing 100%, and then you will find success and achieve your goals. To just be there doesn't make things happen; only through action can you make progress.
  2. Don't let anyone define what you are capable of doing. No one person is created equal and we all do things daily that tell our story. Have a beautiful day!
  3. Never stop learning in life. Remember you only live once, so make the most out of every day. Always give when you can. Karma is real and for everything you give you will get back in life. Good morning, my lovely girlfriend!
  4. Life is one big test and you are always being graded by others and even yourself. While you may fail many tests in life you will always have the opportunity to retake the tests every day.
  5. You will never be successful if you constantly overwhelm yourself and leave work unfinished.
  6. Life is all about the pursuit of something. Some choose Happiness; others choose wealth. If you want to live your life right you should always be in the pursuit of something. Keep your mind, body, and soul occupied of chasing after goals.
  7. Simplify your life and get rid of the negativity that surrounds you. The proper way to success is keeping a positive attitude and encouraging others. Make solid choices every day and shape your life in the form that you want it to be.
  8. Everything in life is about perspective and how we look at things as well as how we then react to things. If you approach everything with a positive attitude, chances are things will probably work out in your favor. If you rock the negative approach, chances are higher that failure will be in your future. Have a nice day!
  9. It's easy to do something well if you enjoy what you are doing. Typically, it makes everything much easier to manage. Most times if you are doing something well it is because of the time you took to prepare. This doesn't mean by preparing you will always hit your goals, but it definitely gives you a better shot. You will fail in life, but it is up to you to use those failures to get back on the right track of winning.
  10. Life is already tough enough. If we go through life, day by day, afraid of things we aren't truly living our lives. Don't be afraid to close the door on the past and move forward into something new. But don't be so foolish to think the grass is greener on the other side because it’s usually not in most cases. Good morning!
  11. No matter what you do for work or what is going on in your life; you must set aside time for yourself. I hear too often that there isn't enough time in the day to do that. If you have absolutely zero time in the day for yourself, you will go insane, and second, you are doing something wrong. Set aside at least an hour a day at a minimum of your time where you do whatever makes you happy. Have a beautiful morning!
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Thomas C Mill from USA on October 25, 2015:

I love these. I try to regularly share loving quotes with my wife in the morning to help her start off on the right foot. Thanks so much for these!

Here are some more:

SUMIT HEGDE from INDIA on June 28, 2013:

Great collection, enjoyed reading it!!

Sherie Peterson on March 17, 2013:

So much memories running through my head just like it was yesterday.. Ahh the good ole' days will live with me in my heart, I miss those times, those people, those places! I cherish each friendship I have and even had.. Good times! Good times!

Donna Hushower on March 09, 2013:

With blessings of today morning flow freely like water, it would be a good time to start a new project or relationship but even I know I got a long way to go before I can be presentable for a mate.

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