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Good Girl, Bad Blood: Hit or Miss?

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My Thoughts on Good Girl, Bad Blood

As the sequel to A Good Girl's Guide to Murder, I expected there to be another unsolved murder case to be involved. Unfortunately, this isn't the case for Good Girl, Bad Blood; instead we get a missing person's case. Which I thought at first to be a bit mundane for the premise but it wasn't with all the extra details that added a sense of suspense. We follow Pip as she uncovers another secret of her town, there's a person who was the accomplice of a serial killer who is hiding out under an alias.

Who that person is, I won't tell. The emotions run high in this story especially towards the end. It also ends the story with a moral question that will lead to the third book and the effects it has on Pip. The plot was very well developed with no loose ends or rushed plot.

My Rating

Overall, Good Girl, Bad Blood gets five out of five stars. There was no rushed plot and the suspense was good. The emotional ending was also exceptional.

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