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Sweet Goodnight My Love Quotes for Her

Good Evening Images with Quotes

Good Evening Images with Quotes

Sweet Goodnight Quotes for Girlfriend

These goodnight and good evening quotes for your girlfriend are ready to post on your Facebook status with cute images, so what are you waiting for?

Cute Goodnight messages for her:

  1. We were so blessed this evening, it defies description. The presence of God was palpable from very early this morning and God blessed us with His Kingdom presence.
  2. You are my star, your eyes as blue as the sky, my heart like you every second. You’re the best in this world, your lips are so sweet, your hairs are so soft and your love makes me rich. I love you, your melody is in my heart and my heart is only for you.
  3. I am so blessed to be her guy and I thank God for our union EVERY day. I love her from the top of my fro to the bottom of my toe. Sometimes I am so overwhelmed I want to shout from a rooftop. I don't have access to one of those... but I have Facebook so there it is. Good evening sweet heart.
  4. I thought that my love for you couldn't be any stronger, any deeper yet I find myself loving you more today than I did the first day.
  5. You inspire me to be better everyday. Your special love and care for me make you more important for my life. I love you more today than I did years ago for all of that and more. I love you and pray this beautiful evening and sunset may bring a lot of joy in your life.
  6. I love my girlfriend from the core of my heart, and caring about her is my final mission, and this dusty give me a great satisfaction. Let me spend this evening with you and allow me to whisper this promise in your ears.
  7. It's interesting to note that, although I want to change my thinking and I want to leave my comfort zone, there are some things that I may never be able to change and that is your love. Good evening my lovely girlfriend!
  8. What you do for me words could not explain but if you did not come into my life, I know I would not be here today. You get more and more beautiful everyday and when I'm not with you I miss you and when I'm with you I am complete. Good night my love!
  9. Sometimes you need to evaluate life and its stress triggers. I actually lost it a bit this evening and got on edge, but it all came back when I see your pictures in my wallet.
  10. I will always love you and cherish every second that we spent together. You will be the only one that I will ever love and care about; you are my one and only true love ever in my life.
  11. You are disciplined and courageous truly bold and steadfast. Above this all, you are a godly woman who is not self seeking but will always put others before herself. What an amazing women, blessed among woman. You are prophetic in nature, wise by divine imputation. You are my wife! I love you. Good night my love!
Good evening images for her

Good evening images for her

Romantic Goodnight Quotes for Her

  • I may not be the perfect boyfriend you expected me to be but you have helped me to be the man I should be. Thank you very much for your love, patience, attention, trust, care, thoughtfulness and understanding. Goodnight my star!
  • You may not be the most beautiful girl in this world but I believe that nobody can ever replace you in my heart. Love you, goodnight!
  • I can never stop thinking about you; you are my life and the air I breathe! You have been there for me like through best and worst of times and you never give up on anything. No doubt you are a wonderful woman. I am so proud of you to be my girlfriend.
  • I wish this sunset going to stay for this evening as long as I love you. Goodnight beautiful!
  • I have been blessed beyond comprehension to have you be part of my life. I can say without a shadow of a doubt that you have truly enriched me and are truly the jewel in the crown of my life. You have been a companion, a treasure, a best friend, a soul mate, a help meet, a lover and a spiritual soul mate. I can not even begin to consider a life without you.
  • I am truly the most blessed man on earth because God was mindful not only to save my soul from a burning Hell but to also bless me with awesome friends and an amazing wife. I love you. Goodnight my love!
  • There will never be someone like you; I’ve messed up so many times but your love gets stronger each time! I want a wife with such qualities and provide this love for my kids! Be my wife!
  • She is beautiful, funny and so much more but the best part is she loves me more than I will ever know. She makes me smile more than anybody or anything ever could. She doesn't believe me but I am excited to one day make this beautiful woman my wife. I love you with all of my heart, you are my sunshine my only sunshine without you my sky's will be forever gray, I love you honey!


Alexis Winston on June 21, 2013:

I still love you Sndra and will miss you very much. I'm glad I was able to come to Vegas and see you one last time and say goodbye.

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