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Golden Rules For Happy Living

Kulsum Mehmood is an Eye Consultant in a Private Eye Institute. She is a single mother. She likes to write and can cook delicious meals.

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Golden Rules For Happy Living

Be humble but also be Righteous

Respect other people’s Righteousness.

Do not permit anyone to trespass on your Rights and Privacy

You too do not trespass on other people’s Rights and Privacy.

Beware of those who have done Wrong to you and to your near and dear ones in the past.

Distance yourself from the wrong – doers

You too do not do wrong to others.

But Firmly establish your Identity.

Do not take passively any Harm from anyone

That is, do not take SxxT from anyone.

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Constantly make efforts to increase your Health, Wealth, and Wisdom.

Do not lose your hard – earned Money

Even a single rupee should be spent on a worthwhile cause only.

Save before you spend … get Wealthier every day.

Be a Fighter … Never Quit or give up.

Pay attention to your Health, and take Nutritious diet.

Pay special attention to your Grooming.

Maintain proper Hygiene and Cleanliness.

Proper Clothes, Attire and Posture to be considered and followed.

Improve on yourself and your Family Members each and every day.

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