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Golden Old Days

While writing this article all the boons of golden old days and drawbacks get clear vision.

Golden Old days- a boon or curse

The Golden old days were a tremendous period of past events which cannot be taken into account. So golden old days were just a time when things were simpler and life was more carefree. Are these days a boon or curse? this question has been raised many times and the answer depends on personal experiences and perspective. the old days were simple but full of hardship and deprivation. People lived life with less stress, as people did not have to worry about the work-life balance or technological distractions.

The basic lifestyle was people living in close-knit communities or joint families, helping each other. The bond in the relationship was quite visible and humanity was an inborn gesture. The Value system was strong and the smallest creature was respected. There was no technology and so people relied more on each other, this played a great role in building ever-lasting trust.

Surely there were drawbacks of the golden old days as the comfort and convenience that we enjoy today were absent in those days. The fast information network that we have today was not available in those days. In addition, people often did not have the same level of education or opportunities that we have today. life was simple and structured. Today with the help of the internet we can shape our life in any form, there is no particular pattern or structure but in those days for example a farmer's son had to be a farmer. Internet, technology, and education play a major role in shaping the present time.

The golden old days may have been a boon for some others, they were a curse. We need to find a way to bring back the good parts of those days when people had strong values, were more polite, everyone had a job and everyone was happy.

However, for many people these days were those days when discrimination was rampant, people were less likely to move up in their careers and poverty was more widespread.

The discussion is endless yet we need to find a way to bring back the good parts of those days while getting rid of the bad.

Regardless of race or gender, equal job opportunities are given to remove unemployment. the basic necessities of people is made available to them and improving their lives, we can make the 'golden old days' into something that everyone can enjoy.

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