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Golden Kite

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A new light is upon us, a new
light; a new kite is above us, a new

A new light,
A new kite,
A new might
A new bite;
A new sight,
a new height,
a new flight,
a new fight—

A new light is upon us, a new light. . .

The year is 90000000000021.
The month is July.
Goethe is reborn in the house of a
butcher. Goethe is reborn in
Bremen, Germany. Kant is reborn in
Chicago suburbs. Hegel is reborn in
Uttar Pradesh, India.

They come to a virtual school daily,
and return home by 5 p.m. of the
evening. Together, this trio is writing
a book. This book is about
a detailed pictorial analysis
of all the sex~postures that humankind
can ever do.
A new light is upon them, a new
light; a new flight is about them,
a new flight.

Time-travel and space-travel have become
available. Goethe, Kant and Hegel go to
599 AD, in Saudi Arabia. There, they
meet with Mohimul — who works
as an assistant to a blacksmith.
Mohimul burns the book. Goethe kicks
Mohimul on his butt, and a door
opens. The trio enter through the door.

They walk through a dark tunnel, and
Find a ginormous python (not the
programming language) at the end
of the tunnel. The python
devours them!
Five months later, the python
defecates. The defecation is found to be
composed of pure gold.

A man with the face~mask of Houdini
sets fire on that gold (it's combustible), and the gold
starts burning! It explodes, and a
Four-armed man emerges out of the
fire. The man has four pen-drives
in his four arms. The pen-drives are
plugged into a supercomputer, and
behold! —universes trillions in
number, emerge on/out-of the computer
screen, like giant bubbles!

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