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Golden Bird


It is just a funny story for entertainment for children and students.

Golden Sparrow

Golden Sparrow

The Four Winds: A Novel

Nishapur is the ancient city of Iran which was the capital of Khorasan province. There was a merchant there who considered himself very wise. So, considering himself a successful man compared to others, he started calling himself wise and people came to know him by that name.
The real name of "Aqil" was Naseer-ud-Din. He used to bring rare and rare items in the form of trade goods. Was talking to
A sparrow passed by him who was singing.
The golden bird, the magic wand, the bell rings, the egg lays. When he heard this, he said goodbye to his friend and followed the bird.

All the cages near the birdhouse were empty, but in one cage a khaki bird was fluttering its wings.

As the merchant walked away, he began to think that I should buy a golden bird. If it really lays a golden egg, then I don't have to work so hard. " Were
"Are you the golden bird that went to Mecca, then my son will be poor."

It's like a golden bird. He just wished he had that bird. The trader stopped the bird and said, "Brother, is this really a golden bird? It looks like an ordinary bird." The sparrow looked at him from top to bottom and realized that there was a fool who wanted to be rich.
He assured me, "Brother, the bird is not a magician. On the fourteenth night, when the bell rings somewhere far away, it lays a golden egg. This bird has made me rich. It has laid ten eggs in my house so far." Come to my country, there are my great royal words.
I don't sell it but it gives only ten eggs to its owner. If anyone buys it then it will give ten more eggs to another owner. ”
Realizing the bird's words were true, the merchant bought the bird and sold everything to the bird.
The next day no one was seen in the bazaar again. After selling all his possessions at home for a bird, the merchant lived in a hut with a bird cage. Friends explained to him that he had made a loss-making deal and had been deceived.
But the merchant said, "He is very sensible, he never trades at a loss. You see how much I benefit. The merchant was just waiting for the fourteenth night. Finally that night came. The merchant was very happy that his bird today. Will lay a golden egg
He stayed awake all night. Sometimes the bird slept in the cage and sometimes it fluttered. Finally in the morning the carrot sounded and the trader fell asleep. When he opened his eyes and went to the cage, there was no egg in the cage. He held his head and sat down. He repented a lot and learned a lesson. Unnecessary self-confidence, pride and arrogance sometimes make a person repent.

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