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Gods from God

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It was then that he realized,

Gods themselves were probing for a God !

Even though man himself was the God of all his own creations !

Still seeking the unknown, that the elders have told !

Yet hoping to acquire greater God-Relations !


Why sought for the waves, when you were the immeasurable

staggering white ocean itself?

Why sought for joy, when you were the


sanguine tummler yourself?

Where were you when that bawd

cried for her illegitimate child’s life ?

Where were you when that ravager jawed

the life of a noble wife ?

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Yet you ‘Foolish Gods’ blindly

seeks for the nothingness.

Surmising that the kindly

almighty will relieve you from all the illness.

At the end,weeping with a desperate heart,

while waiting for your god to come.

You might wish for a new start,

to live as a God to acquaint some!


© 2021 Man You

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