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Tradition, beliefs and Justice

Hello friends, Myself Himanshu Nautiyal from India, I live in Uttarakhand, which is situated in lap of Great Himalayas.

People at Pokhu Devta Temple

People at Pokhu Devta Temple

1. Pokhu Devta Temple at Naitwar

At present, it is difficult to expect quick justice. Even after the complexity of the justice system and circling the court for years, only few get justice. Especially in settling property disputes, the entire age is spent. But there is such a temple in Uttarakhand, after suffering social harassment and trouble, disappointed people come in the hope of getting justice. Dozens of people bring their request daily to the court of Pokhu Devta, who is believed to be a justice-loving in Natwad of Ravin area of ​​Uttarkashi district, situated on the border of Uttarakhand and Himachal. It is believed that Pokhu gods do not disappoint anyone.

This sequence continues throughout the year in the Pokhu temple of Natwar located at the confluence of the Rupin and Supin rivers, originating from the Himalayan mountains. According to popular belief, the victims of Pokhu's court get justice hand to hand. People coming to Pokhu court in the hope of justice have to follow some rules and regulations of the temple. The method of worshiping in this temple is also unique.

This is how justice is done –

Complainant who come to settle the disputed property in Pokhu temple have to bring a handful of soil and some rice from home. After seeing the soil and rice, the priest of the deity gives them a handful of rice. The aggrieved person sprinkles this rice on the disputed land. Its effect is directly visible on the family of the accused. People consider this to be the justice of the deity.

Beautiful carving done on a wooden temple

Beautiful carving done on a wooden temple

Social psychology : -

Social psychology is also behind this tradition. Socialists believe that due to the recognition of the speedy justice of Pokhu Devta, social pressure also arises on those who grab the property of others or try.

Unique method of text worship: -

The method of worship in Pokhu Devta temple is unique. Instead of facing the idol of Pokhu Devta, the priests of the temple turn around and worship. She is worshiped twice daily in the evening. Before the Puja, the priest brings water in a Surai after bathing in the Rupin River. After this, there is worship in the temple with a drum for half an hour.

Mythological belief:-

The life of the people of this region is completely dependent on farming. Due to this, there are more quarrels of real estate here. Due to the long time spent in hearing of civil cases, people had to face many problems. In view of this, people started taking their complaint to the temple of Pokhu Devta instead of Court. This tradition has been progressing for centuries.

2. Mahasu Devta Temple at Hanol

Mahasu Devta Temple at Hanol

Mahasu Devta Temple at Hanol

A famous temple situated in the lap of nature is 'Mahasu Devta'. It is believed that whoever asks here with a sincere heart that Mahasu Devta fulfills his wishes. Legend has it that the village where the temple of Mahasu Devta is built is named on “Huna Bhatt Brahmin”. Earlier this place was known as Chakarpur. The Pandavas came here from the “Lakshagrah”. The temple of Hanol is also known as a place of pilgrimage for the people.

Interesting Facts

It is interesting that salt is presented to Rashtrapati Bhavan from Delhi every year here. This temple adorned by mixed-style architecture, is 190 km from Dehradun and 156 km from Mussoorie. The temple is located on the eastern bank of the Tons River in village Hanol near Chakrata. District Dehradun.

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Devotees are not allowed in the sanctum sanctorum of Mahasu Devta's temple. Only the priest of the temple can enter the temple. This thing is still a mystery today. There is always a flame burning in the temple which has been burning for decades.

A stream of water also comes out in the sanctum sanctorum of the temple, but where it goes, where it comes out is unknown.

Mahasu Devta New Temple

Mahasu Devta New Temple

Four Mahasu :-

Actually 'Mahasu Devta' is the collective name of not one but four gods and in the local language Mahasu is a synonym of the word 'Mahashiva'. The names of the four Mahasu brothers are Basik Mahasu, Pabasik Mahasu, Buthia Mahasu (Botha Mahasu) and Chalda Mahasu, which are the forms of Lord Shiva.

Covers a Long Region :

The Mahasu god is worshiped in Uttarkashi in Uttarakhand, the entire Jaunsar-Bawar region, the Rawain pargana as well as Sirmaur, Solan, Shimla, Bishahar and Jubbal in Himachal Pradesh.

In these areas, Mahasu Devta is considered as the god of justice and the temple as a court. Presently devotees of Mahasu Devta beg for justice in the temple which is fulfilled by them.

This temple was built in the 9th century. The temple is currently under the patronage of the Archaeological Survey Department (ASI). The Mahasu god is the form of Lord Shiva. It is also believed that Mahasu won this temple of Hanol in a bet. The Mahasu god is the God of Jaunsar Bawar, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand.

Mahasu Devta Temple Yearly Fair Folk Dance


Himanshu Nautiyal (author) from India on September 04, 2019:

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