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God Sent ME?! an Angel

Bachelors Degree in Organizational Behavioral Psychology with a background in Autism, Mental Health, Business Psychology. Sales Management.

2019 Abigayle Korinne

2019 Abigayle Korinne

Just when I fell

yet again there

you are.

Can you tell

Emotionally broken

new scar?

You help me

all again from afar

you're the key.

I stare for eternity

My reflection I think

No certainty.

Self worth is gone

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Love unmeant for me

You say I'm wrong.

I see old, tired

That face I see

Feeling I was fired.

Is that possible?

Fired from love

Seem even plausible?

I don't notice good

Not inside of me

Not understood.

Dad said I'm Loyal

That is a fault you know

Nothing but a boil.

Mom said I have passion

Might as well be

Just as bad as confession.

Friends like my aggression

No one can hurt who i love

Sets me back, another regression...

I see forgotten, alone

You always reach out

Not for me left on my own.

Where did you come from?

It's astonishing really I think,

I'm a speck, a dot a crumb...

You are playing in sand

Worry for bigger cause

Why here on soil of free land?

In my dreams I see

God didn't leave

He just sent you to me.

All Rights Reserved by Author: Abigayle Malchow (abigaylekorinnelee)

© 2011 Abby Rourk


Abby Rourk (author) from Conroe Texas on June 11, 2011:

I haven't ever been told something was inspiring. Thank you that really impacted me and made me have some more confidence in writing

fibo777 from UK on February 20, 2011:

Nice, inspiring and lovely little hub. Enjoyed it. Thanks.

Abby Rourk (author) from Conroe Texas on February 11, 2011:

Thank you so much. I had an emotional week as my recent ex these are about had been home on leave and decided to not tell me until the last three days. So I have much to write about. The one person that got me through it was the person that I feel God sent to me to help me through it and I can't be more blessed then to call him my friend. He doesn't understand what a great person he is i don't think sometimes; I hope he reads this someday and sees himself the way I did when I wrote this.

K.A.E Grove from Australia on February 11, 2011:

simply beautiful, I loved the last two lines, I have a feeling they will stay in my head a while, simply beautiful...

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