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Go for It: The Key to Success of a PR Master

I'm a man with a love of writing and reading, I've got a passion for novels, movies, politics, social.


Before we start exploring the book, let's take a look at the categories from the PR and advertising majors:

PR (public relation): public relations, is an organization's promotional activities towards the public by communicating, maintaining its positive image in the public's eyes.

PR company: is a company that will create ideas and implement advertising campaigns based on the requirements of customers, such as protecting and building the image of a brand or a brand.

PR account: clients of a PR firm, which can be a brand or another company that also conducts a campaign, have a partnership.

And now let's step into Michael's PR world.


Looking for ideas

The world around us inherently contains a lot of good suggestions for the business. Depending on the style of each person, ideas will come in different places. As for Michael, he chose for himself noisy bars with music and seductive glasses of champagne. Or spend a few changes, catch the bus and walk around the city. Finding inspiration from life will be a great material, attracting customers' attention because we are speaking for them, we know what they want to find a direction. for your brand, making customers “happy to lose money”.

The idea was born

The data shows that most motorcyclists don't know or care which company they're covered by, and they rarely change their insurance company. In order to stand out in an advertising campaign for insurance company Citicorp, Michael created a “weird car”. These police cars will show up every morning in several different locations and follow the motorcyclists as they get to work. While the driver is still angry for unknown reasons, the officer will be serious and say: “You have been followed for the past few minutes. And congratulations for driving too silk. On behalf of Citicorp, we give you 100{{initialState}}.

The special feature of this campaign is that it goes against the usual rules. Police usually only collect fines when others violate, but never reward anyone for obeying traffic laws. An impressive saying in an odd situation, namely being proud and happy (for being praised and receiving bonuses) will make others have a deep impression of your brand and become potential customers capacity in the future.

The power of creativity - Transporting Italy to Singapore

Fendi, the Italian luxury perfume brand is running a new product. With this industry, it is necessary to first introduce a new perfume line in a store, then let it "bloom" around the country. So the first week, when a new perfume is launched, is extremely important, it can grow or destroy the brand in an instant.

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A Japanese boutique named Isetan was chosen to launch the perfume. The entire façade has been decorated to resemble the Colosseum in Rome, and on top of the miniature arena will be a prominent bottle of Fendi floating. Replicas of Trevi Falls are also placed inside the store, inviting visitors to participate in a coin toss inside, make a wish and stand a chance of winning a trip to Rome. Beautiful girls in Roman costumes will travel by carriage into the store, carrying bottles of Fendi perfume. Meanwhile, the lion kept in a cage roared freely at the audience. Along the way, the Singapore Orchestra plays classical Italian Opera. Customers bask in the dim night lights, sipping every drop of Italian champagne. The lesson to be learned here is to create something really different, impressive and do it to the end.

Doing something fun

If watching grass grow slowly is the most boring thing in the world, then perhaps number two is for reading insurance brochures. It's even harder to keep people interested in an insurance topic for a long time. But Michael challenged himself by running a series of articles in the Business Times with the theme of insurance arranged from A to Z to PR for Commercial Union insurance company. Roughly, each letter will correspond to an insurance-related issue, for example, T is the letter for Accident, H is the letter for Fire, S is the letter for Health, and so on to Z… no insurance policy related to Z at all! Fortunately, a glass of whiskey has a timely effect on the brain. The last topic is named "If you drive, don't get drunk (Zonk)!". This strong play on words with the word Bonk (the loud sound of two objects hitting each other) made the last entry the most popular one.

Following the campaign, Time Publishing published a book based on the 26 titles (26 letters) that had been published. Besides, there are comic books by famous artist Aubrey Collette also based on that theme. The awareness of Commercial Union's mind skyrocketed in the minds of consumers, leading to its huge sales.

Understand consumer psychology

The battle in the whiskey market has never ceased to be fierce. The problem of brand penetration and standing in this market is always more difficult than any other market.

Ballantine's, a Scotch brand that holds only about 2% of the market share in Singapore, has launched the "Ballantine's Great Treasure Hunt" across Singapore with no other aim than to increase its share in the alcohol market. Six treasure chests have been secretly hidden and disguised on this island nation. Finding a treasure is a trip to Africa, and each chest is named after the respective African tribe. Every Saturday, the Business Times will give suggestions for each treasure, the suggestions will be more and more detailed.

The manhunts quickly gained media and social attention. The news on TV kept reporting thousands of mountaineers crossing Sentosa in search of Ballentine's treasures. Lines of people lined up early outside the Business Times headquarters for the chance to get the earliest hint, gaining the upper hand in the treasure hunt. The children were very eager to ask their father: "Have you bought any Ballentine's yet?". Because that is a prerequisite to be participating in the treasure hunt. Ballentine's quickly became a trendy drink. The magic of Africa's drums joined the beat with the pulsating success of Ballentine's in Singapore.

By Christmas time, Ballentine's sales had doubled. Obviously, an attractive PR strategy has given them a great deal in terms of money and position in the hearts of consumers.

The value of implicit relationships

Appreciate the relationships you have because maybe at some point they will bring you certain usefulness. Michael has followed this principle while working for Ansett Airlines in Australia. He soon befriended the head of the flight attendant department. And in each of his flights, he was served very dedicatedly and got the most valuable information.

Another time while traveling around Taipei, Michael forgot all his luggage and necessary documents in a taxi. But thanks to the sympathy of the landlady, he quickly found the lost things without having to go back and forth with the papers of the local police. Fortunately, he had previously chosen to stay at a local budget hotel instead of a high-class five-star hotel, so that everyone only knew their job and "followed the rules". The power of underground networks and relationships within is sometimes greater than that of official authority.

The charm comes from the beans

The topic of sex has always fascinated people so much that the owner of Playboy Magazine has quickly become a millionaire. The Sun also sells millions of copies in the UK every day thanks to an interesting idea, when a PR genius suggested putting half-naked pictures of many girls on page three every day.

A new peanut brand called Big D has created huge posters featuring a nude girl. However, parts of her body were covered up by packages of Big D branded peanuts. When a person went to a bar to order Big D peanuts, the staff would open a random piece of the poster. there. And you already guessed what happened next!

We have just read the stories about Michael. And now the show has not been over yet. Let's move on.

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