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Glory of time

Importance of precious time

  1. Time is very strong,everyone knows that what went on with times has become great and one who has forgotten time not only time has forgotten him.In time it is the power that has come to know this secret,has attained all and who did not understand it,remained where it was.The speed of the time is a constant process it has never stopped for anyone, it will not stop,its work is day and night,no one could stop its speed.This is wonderful wheel of nature,which keeps wearying its speed,it does not worng about anyone,it has to do its work,no one is able to know what it is like.No one remains the same at the time no one is always poor,no one always rich,every thing changes in an in stant.There is no confidence in the time.when it can be reversed,it cannot be said that when someone is a king then someone makes a beggar and a human ego does it on its own.Human's small thinking is of no importance to say that he is big,in front of this time cycle,this is the thing that has thrown many people.It is also said that the work that is completef on time is the right thing,the whole nature does its work on time,all its rules are according to the time.If a human learns to follow the some ruled as nature,then he too can become great in his life according to his time.Humans should never blame their luck,but according to the time they have made their own luck,every ipossible task has been made possible by the person who has made his routine.Knowing its iportance, leaving your laziness and following it, If is priceless,there is no value for it, It can not be bought nor can it come back.The key to the fortune of every human being is hidden in this precious watch,Who knew this secret,he got innumerable pearls from this ocean of the world.Understand on time be careful your time is according to him,he will guide you to the destination.Just feel free to be in yourself,how to get up from the conviction that suits your time,you will be awakened under your footsteps.

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Sultanakhan (author) from Neemuch (mp) on May 15, 2021:

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