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School Dance Encounter

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Lela is a big fan of literature, and especially short stories.

Eisenhower High School

Eisenhower High School

Getting Ready for the High School Dance

Jeff was sorting through his closet for something acceptable to wear to the dance coming up too soon. He hadn't even chosen a girl to accompany him. But if he wanted to impress a date, he had to be cool.

"Mom! Where is the red suit I wore last year?"

"You spilled grape juice all over it! Don't you remember? I think it's still at the cleaners."

"Would you check on that for me?"

"Well, I might have time tomorrow. When do you need it?"

"Tomorrow, of course, for the dance thing.", said Jeff. "And can I borrow the car?"

Jeff got the ok on the car, and proceeded to narrow down his list of girls he knew. He just couldn't make up his mind.

I Just Can't Decide!


All the Girls at Eisenhower Were So Great!

It was driving him crazy trying to pick that special girl. Why do all the football players have to be so popular?, He thought to himself.
He could pick Amy, but she already had a date, and come to think of it, pretty much all the girls on his contacts were already spoken for.

Jeff called his best friend over to help him pick a date.

"Who would you choose to go to the big dance?" Jeff asked.

"Amy? Asked Bob"

"Spoken for."


"She's going with Aster"

"How about that new girl that just transferred in?"

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Jeff looked over at the new girl. She looked great! "Well, you can't know for sure until you ask, right? Replied Jeff" He thought about how nice she looked, and how she was so new here that maybe no one else would ask.

Jeff walked over to the new girl and asked straight out, "Would you make me happy and join me for the school dance tomorrow night?"

Linda thought about it for a few moments, then replied, "yes, I would love to go with you. Thank you for asking!"

"Would you like to go have a juice to get to know each other and exchange details?"

"Certainly! She replied."

They walked over to the school juice bar and ordered juices, Pineapple Smash for her, and Monster Mango for him.

Linda started in, "I just moved here, although I did go to school here long ago."

Jeff asked, "Where did you move to, I mean which house, er, what's the address?"

"5618 Willow Street" She layghed."

After a few more moments of conversation, Jeff said, "I'll drive you home now, and you can show me where it is."

"Ok, that sounds great, she replied. What kind of car do you have?"

"It's the red 1995 Mustang GT, my father's car" he said proudly.

Jeff found himself very enamored of this beautiful girl.

The Night of the Dance

Jeff came home from school and yelled, “Mom! Did you pick up my red suit from the cleaners?.”

“Of course I did! It was still there after a whole year! Can you believe it?”

“Did you pick a date?” She said.

“I met the new girl at school and surprise! She actually wanted to go with me.”

“I'm sure she must be very nice.”

“She is! She is beautiful, smart, and charming. Her name is Linda, which in Spanish means pretty, thanks to my two years of Spanish class.”

After school, and football practice, it was time to get ready. He showered and carefully dressed. The perfect suit, for the perfect night.

Jeff left his house a bit late, but didn't think it would matter. He did want to give himself time to meet the parents. But when he arrived, Linda ran out the door to meet him. “Don't you want me to meet your folks? He said.”

“No, you can probably meet them later, they stay up late.”

They took off, with the top down, and he hoped it didn't mess up her fantastic hair! She just smiled.

After arriving at the dance, Jeff got them drinks, but she didn't want to drink just yet. She wanted to dance!.

They heard the Disturbed version of The Sound of Silence. She didn't care if it was a slow one, she loved the song. After that would come some upbeat songs, of course They made such a stunning couple that the entire school parted to give them the floor.

Jeff and Linda joined Jeff's friends at a table close to the dance floor. Bob came over and gushed at him, “Wow, just Wow! You two make a nice couple.”

Linda said, “Thanks, I could dance forever!”

Around 1a.m., the school chaperones, finally ushered everyone out. Jeff, Linda, Bob, and friends left in the Mustang. He asked if she wanted to cruise around before going home.

“I would love to, She said.”

They went up to the lookout above town. Sure enough, practically the whole student body was there. The night was becoming chilly.

“Linda asked, can I borrow your jacket?”

“He answered, of course, it's all yours, I'll pick it up when I get you home.”

She smiled so bright, it hurt his brain.

They sang along to the radio on the way back, and when she got home, she forgot to give him his jacket. When he realized they forgot, he just thought, oh good, another excuse to see her!

The Next Day

Jeff drove to Linda's house to retrieve his jacket, and perhaps, to get to know Linda a little better. She lived in a quiet neighborhood, nothing remarkable about it except the fountain in front of the front of the steps.

He knocked and waited for someone to answer the door. He was surprised and encouraged to meet Linda's parents.

"Could I speak to Miss Linda please?"

They just stood there shocked, and Linda's mom began to cry. "Young man, how could you be so cruel to ask about our daughter. Is this some kind of childish prank? Asked Linda's father."

"Our daughter died a year ago," He said sadly.

"I don't understand. I took her to the dance last night. Everyone saw her!" Jeff said.

"Well, the only way to see her now, is in the town cemetery."

"I'm truly sorry for your loss, and I am not playing a prank. I'll go now."

Jeff was confused. He just couldn't believe that such a lovely girl had been dead and buried for a year. "I have to go check it out, he thought to himself."

After arriving at the cemetery, he walked around looking for her grave. Suddenly, he spotted his red jacket! It was laying on top of Linda's grave.

At The Cemetery


The Strange Thing That Happened at the Eisenhower School Dance

It was her! The headstone had her photo and inscribed on it:

Linda Marie Bridges

Beloved Daughter of Jean and Theodore Bridges

June 1st 2004 to June 1st 2020.

He picked up his jacket and started to cry.

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