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Gently Falls the Bakula- Book Review


The theme behind the story is about something that is most prevalent in the society that too in the Indian society not sure about the Westerners though. There have often been times where the women puts up her career, her preferences, her identity as her last thing and works for the welfare of the family, her husband's growth and for the welfare of her children. She considers her husband's success as hers and finds happiness in that. In that process, she ignores her mental and physical health and been taken for granted by her own family. The day she realizes that she has not been given the recognition that she deserves for her sacrifices, when she feels suffocated with her relationship, when she feels she has tampered her own dreams by closing the doors for opportunities, the day loneliness engulfs her either the time would have flown by or the decision that she takes would yield a drastic consequence that would impact and change the life of hers and her family forever. Her feelings and disappointments would have been bottled up for several years which would burst out when it reaches the brim which is similar to a hurricane, a cyclone or a tornado that would sweep off everything that comes it's way. One such similar situation and story is the life of Shrimati and Shrikant. More than Shrikant I would rather say that the story is more about Shrimati and her life. Shrimati is from the Dharwad district of Karnataka. She is a shy coy but a brilliant and intelligent girl, a shade intelligent than her husband Shrikant. The book talks about the relationship between these two individuals and how life changes after marriage.

The book is yet an other master piece of Smt Sudha Murthy the chairperson of the Infosys Foundation. My previous article on the book review of her Three thousand stitches inspired me to read more of her works and that lead me to write the review for this book. As I have already mentioned in my previous article, she is a fine writer who conveys strong messages in a simple language.

Shrimati has been portrayed as a shy girl and the neighbor of Shrikant. Eventhough they both studied in the same school and same class they are neighbors they never talk to each other due to family issues. Their friends used to tease them as they shared the same surname. But as time passed by they fell in love with each other and got married. Eventhough their families never supported their decision, they did accept it as both of them were stubborn.

After getting married Shrimati moved with her husband to Mumbai, she decides to give up on her career to make way for her husband's growth and success in his career. Shrikant on the other hand was way too busy to even talk to Shrimati. He was overwhelmed by his work and want to achieve more after his successive promotion and salary hikes. Everything was there in Shrimati's life, a sea faced apartment, cars and men to work for her but still she felt the void and loneliness in her life. She confessed her deep desire for having a child, but her husband was way too engrossed with his success. As time passed she had almost become her husband's unpaid personal secretary as she was very intelligent and efficient she managed it really well. She was a duty bound and a sincere wife for Shrikant and considered his success as hers, but this was not enough to keep her happy. She missed her home, she missed her good old days with Shrikant and no matter what she did she was always an unwelcomed person in her in law's place.

Shrimati was a very intelligent girl during her school days. She had a flair for history and was good at rembering the dates and the history behind monuments. Her professors were impressed by her astounding knowledge. When things were falling apart in her marriage when everything was measured in terms of profit and loss, she gets to meet her professor who offered her a scholarship in London. What she decided on her marriage and the choice that she's going to make is the end of the story.

Writing Style

As i had mentioned earlier it is a typical Sudha Murthy book. The characters are strong and the language is simple. Initially the story moves on slowly as it describes the characters of Shrimati and Shrikant. It induces the imagination of the reader from the way she describes the village, the Bakula tree and its fragrant flowers and how it has a significance in their love story. One cannot help but imagine the scenes which implies that Mrs Murthy is a fine writer. There are no unnecessary drags in her stories they are to the point.

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The subject that she handles are usually that are predominant in a society like India and especially this story of Shrimati and Shrikant are totally relatable by every Indian girl. I would like to conclude that Mrs Murthy's works are worth every penny that a book lover can invest on.

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