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GenBorn: A Beautifully Told Human & Tragic Tale Set in the Far Flung Future

GenBorn by RK Nicke

I have been surprisingly busy lately and have been quite tired at the end of the day, so my routine of reading before bed has become less of a routine as of late. So I decided maybe I should listen to some stories or audio dramas while doing the thousands of things I’ve been tied up with lately. I found on IHeart Radio, there was a podcast called Dust where there are audio dramas of scifi short stories, both old and new. And I thought I would give it a try. Here is my review of the first story called Genborn by RK Nickle.

So what is it about? It follows, Nia, genetically altered super soldier. She's a stoic killing machine who is trying to get a higher position in the Unity, the government she works for. One morning, Nia takes a job. It’s a typical one. She is to hunt down a fugitive on another planet, but this time one of her associates, Dern, comes along. He’s not genetically altered and is much weaker than her, but she begrudgingly agrees. The job is slower than usual and they must take breaks on behalf of Dern. Something she is not used to. Another thing is she is not used to companionship. And in these moments of rest and friendship, she feels things. Humanity begins to bleed through the icy castle she built around herself and she begins to wonder, what does she really want? Is it really just be a killer? And this all leads up to a big twist.

The good? This is a phenomenally told tale. The characters are layered. The story is gripping. It has this tragic emotional weight to it. And when the twist hits at the end, it will either pull at your heartstrings or make your jaw drop. Despite it being set in the far-flung future, it is such a great human tale.

The bad? The ending is sad. Though clever, I found it heartbreaking. If you like happy endings, you might not like this. Also another thing I realized; unlike other stories in this anthology, this is only published in digital form on IHeart Radios’s Dust podcast. Which is a real shame. I hope it is released in short story form like many of the other shorts in this podcast. I think it is an inconvenience for those who would like to just read it.

Overall, this is a fantastic story worth checking out. It’s just a brilliant scifi tale. One of the best I read (or in this case heard) in a long time. So go check it out and give it a listen. It’s worth your time.

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5 smoothies out of Five

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