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My first impression of Geiger

The first thing that caught my eye when I came across this book was, of course, the cover. I liked the style and design because it was minimalist with a good colour scheme. The heading `ONE WORD WILL START A WAR' written in capital letters , really sent a chill down my spine. I also liked the image of an old fashioned black telephone that had been left dangling on it`s cord.



The main character in this story is a woman named Agneta who is married with children and grandchildren. Agneta is no spring chicken and she is about to embark on the biggest adventure of her life. She has been involved in some sort of spy ring for many years now and this is unknown by any of her close family and friends.

The story begins when Agneta and her husband Stellan have the family around and it is time for the family to leave . As the family get ready to go home , the phone rings and Agneta answers it straight away while her daughter is about to get into their car. Her daughter hears the phone and lets her mother go to answer it. The daughter thinks it is strange that her parents still have a landline when everybody else now has mobile phones.

While she answers the phone Stellan is sitting in his chair. The phone call is one that Agneta has been waiting for many decades to receive, in fact it is a phone call that she hopes she never lives to hear. However, once she picked up the phone and heard the word `Geiger' , she knows what she has to do. She quickly puts the phone down and goes to find something that is hidden in her drawer. The thing she has hidden in the drawer has been there for many years and has never been seen by anyone else. It is a gun.

She takes the gun out of the drawer and attaches a silencer , then she goes downstairs. She sees her husband sat in his chair, walks up behind him and shoots him dead. Then her mission begins.

She thinks it will be many days until her husband`s body is discovered because she thinks her visitors are all on their way home and she is not expecting any other callers for days. However, she is mistaken because one of the grandchildren has left behind a favourite toy and some of the family need to go back to Agneta`s house to collect the toy. This is when one of her daughters discovers Stellan`s body and gets on to the local police straight away.

Of course they all notice that Agneta is missing from the crime scene but nobody suspects her of the murder. They think she has gone into hiding or maybe she could have been kidnapped.

The Characters

In addition to being an exciting story, Geiger has another feature that keeps the reader interested from start to finish, the characters in the story. There are only a handful of people in this book , but they all have an interesting part to play in the story.

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The most interesting character, for me, was Sara Nowak who played a big part in the story, so I have decided to include her in this review.

Sara Nowak

Sara Nowak first enters the story when she is working at the local police department and she hears of Stellan`s murder. Although murder is not her department and this is not her case to solve, she does feel personally involved with it.

This is because Sara knew Stellan, Agneta and their two daughters as a child. In fact, Sara and her single mother Jane lived on their property for several years because Jane worked for the family as a housekeeper. Sara actually grew up with the two daughters because she was a similar age to them.

Sara had considered the two daughters Lotta and Malin to be her childhood friends at the time. She could also remember being slightly jealous of the girls having a nice father because Sara never knew her own.

As the murder investigation progressed, Sara found herself getting more and more involved and she went on a personal journey which took her back to her childhood. She thought that her memories of events that took place might help her colleagues to find the murderer.

We learn a lot about Sara through the course of the book, both in her past and her present situation. She is married to Martin and has two children who are growing up fast.

Useful information about Geiger

Geiger by Gustaf Skordeman is published by Zaffre in the Thriller Suspense genre.

I also think it could also be described as Historical Fiction because it does make references to historical events and real people, but that is just my opinion.

The ISBN number of this book is 9781838773687

The author of Geiger, Gustaf Skordeman, was born in Sweden in 1965

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