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666 The Mark Of The Beast
Humans Are Cattle
On Them We'll Feast
A Few Gates Are Open
Only A Few More To Go
When The Process Is Complete
Trust Me, You'll Know
When Evil Floods Through
Hell On Earth Will Reign
We Will Suck The Liquid Soul
Out Of Every Human Vein
Anarchy Awaits The World
Humanity Just Can't See
The Dark Lord Is On His Way
To Re-unite With Me
He Rules The Underground
With A Fiery Wrath
Destroying Those Who Defy
And Those Who Get In His Path
Only A Few Gates To Go
Before He Can Enter Our Sphere
He's Waiting, Watching
Growing Your Fear
The End Is On Its Way
Sooner Than You Think
The Destruction Of Humanity
Is Teetering On The Brink
Your Fate Is Sealed
Your Existence Is Bleak
You're Nothing But Food
Because You're So Fuckin Weak