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I Would Love To Live My Life With You
Though, Permission May Not Fly
The Man That Earns Your Heart
Sure Is A Lucky Guy
I Hope He Loves You Deep
And With So Much Care
You Deserve The Best, My Dear
For You, My Heart I Bare
It's Yours For The Taking
Should You Even Want
Should You Choose Not Too
Your Memory Will Haunt
My Waking Thoughts Of What Could Be
And What Got Away
But That Won't Last Forever
Eventually I'll Have My Day
Where I Find The Love I'm Searching For
And Together We Will Be
Smiling,Laughing,Happy,in Love

My Heart, Finally Free

You Truly Are A Gem, My Dear
No Others Can Compare
Your Level Of Life. Your Everything
Not Many Would Even Dare

Like A Piece Of Amethyst
So Beautiful To View
Polished To Perfection
Only Just A Few
Get To Hold This Gem
To Keep Her Warm And Safe
Even Less Will Value Her
And That Is Their Mistake
For She Is Worth The World, You Know
To Doubt, A Fool You'd Be
I Already Know, In A Short Time
How Special She Is To Me

I Am But A Piece Of Coal
A Diamond In The Rough
My Shine Hasn't Come Out Fully
Without Love, Its Tough
I'll Always Seek My Gem
I Think It May Be You,
The One Who Ends My Quest For Love
I'm Ready For This
Its True

I Would Value Your Worth
For The Rest Of My Days
I Would Value Your Love
And Show It Many Ways
Appreciate You In Ways
You've Never Known
In Hopes To Tell This Story
When We're Grown
With Thoughts Of Us
Being Old And Grey
Holding Hands On The Porch
On A Nice Summers Day
Sharing Laughs And Stories
Maybe A Kiss Or Three
Those Are The Things I'd Love To Do
Us.. Just You And Me

Old School Romantic
Writing Poems And All
Every Word Is True
I Hope It Makes You Fall
Hopelessly In Love With Me
That Would Please Me So
To Have Your Embrace Of Love And Skin
Never To Let Go

© 2020 Mike