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When I Die
When It's My Turn
I'm Going To Hell
I'm Going To Burn
The Things I've Seen Because I Started
Places I've Been But Have Since Departed
Things I've Said, Things I've Done
Horrible Things Just For Fun
Fun Was Had A Time Or Three
When Fun Was Just Fun For Someone Like Me
Fun Even Made It On The News
Fun Was Left Without Any Clues
Fun Was Forgotten Intentionally
But I Misplaced The Details For Security
Silence Is The Code To Crime
Silence So Mute, I Might Be A Mime
Inner Giggles These Memories Share
But To Say Aloud, I Do Not Dare
The Memory Vault Has A Lock Welded Shut
To Crack It Open It'll Have To Be Cut
When I Go I Won't Be Free
I'll Be Punished For All Of Eternity
If Hell Is Real I Deserve The Fire
To Cleanse The Sins I Truly Desire
There's No Heaven Or Hell So I Will Be Free
When I Die I'll Rot And Just Cease To Be

© 2020 Mike