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Funny Revenge Quotes

Funny vengeance quotes and sayings

Funny vengeance quotes and sayings

Funny Karma and Vengeance Quotes

Posting Karma and revenge quotes on Facebook status, Twitter, Tumblr and on Instagram is the best way to heat up your haters.

Funny Revenge Quotes

  1. Revenge has no eyes and ears.
  2. Karma is the law of cause-effect. You can't escape Karma.
  3. Karma will always prevail, in the long run; Karma does not forget, forgive, nor discriminates.
  4. Karma will always find Justice, Karma will not hold back!
  5. Maybe some of these females get their heartbroken because Of Karma.
  6. Interesting karma- last night I got hit by a drunk driver that ran away and today I find $100. Is that a joke?
  7. Revenge is the devil's work.
  8. Revenge is an output of quick madness.
  9. Revenge is a flash of insanity.
  10. If karma meant that every time a person hurts you, you are to ensure they suffer a similar fate; the word revenge wouldn't exist.
  11. Revenge can limit your boldness.
  12. You can never run from karma... It's coming in all shapes and sizes.
  13. Is there such a thing as relationship Karma what goes around comes around? If so I know a few people on their way to hell!
  14. If you play games then please don't act surprised when they are imposed upon you. You’re not oblivious to Karma; you are also a human like everyone else.
  15. I finally feel that good karma coming my way. It took you long enough but I am glad you are here.
  16. Revenge always begins with craziness, and ends in shame.
  17. Anger is the color of revenge.
  18. Revenge is a bad act but revenge without power is always worst.
  19. I don't wait for karma to come around and bite you. I made it myself. It's called sweet revenge.
  20. Revenge has no end.
  21. Revenge is a sharp sword with no control.
  22. The karma train moves slowly but it will get to you in the end. Make sure you're at the station and not playing on the tracks!
  23. Wounds received in Revenge lost the healing power.
  24. Sometimes I lose faith in karma but then something always happens to remind me that it's there.
  25. Karma has both a tender hand and a nasty bite, and she strikes with no notice!
  26. Success over your competitor is the best revenge.
  27. Revenge is an unwanted guest, hosted by your brain.
  28. Just when you think karma has disappeared she shows up.
  29. I don't get it. I do nice things, nice things happen to me. Why does karma favor me and not others?
  30. The end of revenge play is always uncertain.
  31. Nothing is sweeter than revenge.
  32. Dear karma please let me catch break before I actually have a breakdown.
  33. The current of revenge is enough to fuse the lights of your mind.


Frank on April 21, 2013:

The first half dozen about Karma are just stupid lol. Not only do they not match what Karma is but also are askew from the other quotes below them.

Kristen Stewart on March 09, 2013:

My younger sister that always beat my children, she claims I use to beat her when she was younger. Please help me, I beg her to forgive me,I was only correcting her.

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