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Journalism's Purpose and Functions of a Campus Paper

Ruby writes from the Philippines. She teaches communication and education courses in a HEI. She enjoys reading and travelling.


Journalism's Purpose

Journalism may be divided into three main categories: written journalism, oral journalism, and visual journalism. Periodicals include news publications and magazines, which are categorized as written journalism. Periodicals are periodicals that come out on a regular basis, such as every two months, every month, or every week.
A newspaper prints more news than a magazine and lacks a custom cover. Newsprint is the type of paper used to print newspapers. The front page of the newspaper features the most recent news, which is reproduced throughout.
In contrast, a magazine has a unique cover and publishes more features and human interest stories than news. Magazines are printed on book paper, and any news that is present is usually summarised, concise, and limited to the side pages.
Print media includes magazines, newspapers, books, graphic materials, and brochures. Television, movies, and documentaries belong under oral-visual journalism, whereas radio is classified as oral journalism.
Movies and documentaries are examples of film media, whereas radio and television are instances of broadcast media.

What Campus Papers Do

A campus newspaper may be mimeographed, printed, published, or distributed by any institution or organization on campus whose name or logo appears in the masthead or editorial box.

The college paper, just like other kinds of media, performs a very vital duty in the academic community. Below is a list of those functions that a campus paper ought to have.

Help for Students

a. Offers the chance for intriguing writing.
b. Provides kids with the chance to practice reading newspapers.
c. Provides motivation for improved effort.
d. Improves pupils' ability to observe and evaluate the relative merits of news pieces.
e. Acts as a vehicle for and inspiration for journalistic writing.
f. Provides instruction in management, business operations, commercial arts, sales techniques, and bookkeeping.
g. Promotes the development of cooperative, diplomatic, accurate, tolerable, responsible, and leadership traits.


School and Community Spirit

a. Notifies the neighborhood of the school's efforts.
b. Disseminates school news.
c. Forms and communicates school perspectives.
d. Publicizes the school's accomplishments.
e. Promotes school unity.
f. Promotes and promotes worthy endeavors.
g. Creates the proper standards of behavior.
h. Gives kids a place to voice their ideas for improving the school.
i. Improves relationships between schools.
j. Fosters a sense of school spirit.
k. Encourages collaboration between the school and the parents.

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Other Functions

The campus newspaper serves the following purposes as well:
The purpose of the school newspaper's news coverage is to inform. This is the duty most likely carried out by any college publication, as information dissemination is its primary goal. It provides information to the readers about events in the neighborhood and at the school.

Education Purpose: Campus paper authors extensively and intensely explore taboo subjects like sex, sex education, family planning, and the like. The campus paper's ability to inform is one of its most vital roles.
The school newspaper acts as a watchdog for the readers, keeping them informed about events at the school and defending the rights of the children.
It performs the laboratory function of instructing aspiring journalists. Neophytes learn from their previous experiences and current knowledge.

Documentation Purpose: The campus paper records school events and student achievements. Modern tales are mostly based on old newspapers.

The school newspaper is like an excellent novel when you're alone. Human interest stories are usually interesting.
In a rising nation like the Philippines, academic and commercial journalism have gained importance. Schools provide new journalists with information. University journalists are the future of journalism. Young journalists who cover campus events, school elections, and club activities will become better national reporters. The campus paper's developmental function influences the student and the institution. The school paper helps employees and administrators evaluate their performance.

Opinion Function: The editor has the opportunity to express his viewpoint on current events in the school and the community through editorials and editorial columns. The fundamental goal of this is to persuade the reader to agree with a particular viewpoint.


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