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Full of Pride I Can't Be Stopped

Full of pride I can't be stopped so don't even try why bother wasting your time.

Full of pride I can't be stopped so don't even try


Pride I have in myself pride I wake up next to and we love each other pride of the world pride is what I love is what I need it's who I am for some don't understand don't want to understand but I wish they would born like this only I could understand that I know the truth what's inside of me and how I feel born like this something you would never understand pride love peace in harmony within knowing me with knowing the person that I love and that I will spend the rest of my life with until death do us part forever Love forever pride it's okay for her to love her it's okay for him to love him comfortable in my own skin comfortable in there on skin coming together in unity celebrating love we only live one life and I would rather my life be free and open so go ahead and judge me but I'm full of pride and I can't be stopped so don't even try.

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