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Front Is Its End

Keen Writer!!! BE YOU!!! Is the only message. Believes in the power of words than the power of actions.


Front Is Its End

It is a killer

But never a chiller


It is a hero!

Not a zero!

It sees the worst all time


Never talk before the right time

It is in front all time

Yet it never wars every time

Because it is a nation hero

Not at all a zero

It is a Hitler

And quite a bitter

It is a worst to it

But is happy to it

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It is no good of it

But is good of it


It is a hero

Not at all a zero

Front is its end


End is never its front


It is an ender

But never a surrender

Sometimes, it sees home

Sometimes, it sees little eyes

Sometimes, it sees beautiful smiles

Sometimes, it sees glittery eyes

Sometimes, it sees open arms

Yet it is brave

Not a slave

It is strong

Never gone

For it, end is not an end


For it, living is not a life

For it, injury is not a pain

For it, village is not a home

For it, surly front is a coolest spend

The goal to end is passion

The goal to end is front

The goal to end is award

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