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From a Babies Point of View.

Artist, actor, poet, teacher, songwriter & actor with 4,000 poems & almost 1,000 songs written, performed recorded & published on line.

All of the answers to the world's predjudicial attitudes towards each other lie in the tiny eyes of babies. They know nothing of the hatred of others.


With uncorrupted innocence we are given a clean slate when we enter the world. All of our initial knowledge comes from our parents.

Wouldn't children be better off

with the uglier sides of life's

knowledge left incomplete ?

We become carbon copies

of our relatives moods, attitudes

and ethnic persuasions, some

good and some not worthy.

of being passed on.

Imagine a entire world that

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takes the perfect seeds

of each newborn baby and

strives daily to raise and

nourish each one of them with

An emotional, spiritual,

phsycological and physical

purity that we ourselves

lost when all those

we grew up with, tainted us

with skewed views and ready

made dislikes of others in

society at large. Each next

generation starting tomorrow

would be raised to love all,

embrace all, forgive all. Each

child from babyhood

Would be lovingly instructed

to never judge anyone by their

color, race, creed, religion or

personal beliefs. Is it even

possible to do such a task any

more in a society that is so anti-

to so many others around them.

Could such a mass upbringing

of only positive attitudes among

all end so much of the hate and

bullying, the cliques, the envy

and even the separate classes

of people that we define as

poor, middle-class and rich?

Would labels vanish when

each new generation of

tomorrow's populations

werw never given any

knowledge that such labels

even existed? Our creator

above sends us the answers

to man's endless hatred daily

wrapped in the flesh of newborns.

But the various ethnic

enviornments they grow up in

hold, handed down prejudices

and taboos about other ethnic

groups and tiny minds ate

molded to avoid and or abhor

anyone their parents have always

labeled as trouble for sure.

If you put 100 babies of all

different races in a large

playroom they would have

a ball playing together and

sharing toys and knowing

true peace. Where do tiny

children learn to hate others?

From other tiny children or

from the parents and siblings

that raise them all. Some people

claim that it is the school's who

teach tiny children about bad

things done in history. But

learning about what hate used

to do is a good lesson. My

history teacher divided our

class in half, we were all

white of course in those days

And half of us became the

slaves of the other half. We

did not get whipped or chained

But we were made lesser

among our peers and neither

side liked it at the end of the day.

Equality is the greatest tool

for peace that has ever existed.

Those who want for more can

have it, when those who have

more than they need, give some

of what they consider surplus

to those who need it more.

No one suffers that way

and no one really has less

when everyone is equal.

This is not a communist

doctrine nor is it socialism

It is a biblical teaching.

We like to call it charity but

It is simply equalization.

God made every soul equal,

and he did not expect nor

want only some to have

more while denying others

less. It is stated in every Bible

"That it will be easier for a camel

to get through the eye of a

needle, than for a rich man to

make it into the kingdom of

Heaven." Now that won't

bother you if you are an

wealthy atheist but as for

the rest of us I still have to

ask, Don't you think most

of the world's hate comes

from what is wrongly handed

down and taught to children

and that a whole lot more hate

also comes from inequality?

We could achieve a much

higher level of peace by

purifying our babies from

what we we were forced to

swallow and if our children

to come are taught to look

Upon all people as equal

then they certainly will be

more willing to share their

surpluses with those who

are without equal shares.

And a far more balanced

equalization will become

the norm. Just think about

It logically and most

importantly humanely.

We must stop burdening

our precious gifts from God

with what we all have known

For centuries are ungodly

hateful and cruel teachings.

© 2022 Matthew Frederick Blowers III

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