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Friends And Friendship

Here's your poet friend with another amazing poem that will make you rethink friendship


Friends And Friendship

Friendship, is an eternal creation and not a fading trend.
It's not a business that incurs profits a losses and everytime needs a new amend.

It's a never ending profit when two merchants of thoughts blend,
He's the ultimate supplier of care and help, he's is none other than your friend.

Friendship should be like tea and biscuits, they should be fine even if they are not together and single,
But it would literally make the evening rock when they all mingle.

Maybe here there is no need for a factor called 'similarity'
It just needs a bond of understanding, a funny behaviour and a bit of humanity.

Maybe you're the only one who actually cares,
Maybe you're the only one who for your friend plays the dares,
This sounds silly but,this is just like being a cab driver and paying your customer's fares

Prepare, for the departure of the people on whom you would spend your life,
Who knows, the one who once was a bandage of your wounds, would become a hiding knife


Friendship is the family that you get to choose!!

So, don't waste this opportunity on the wrong people.

Friendship is not only a relation, it's a bond between two people that forms two bodies but has a single soul, friends aren't just some random people that help you throughout your life, they are the part of your life which you can't live without.

I love my friends a lot, that's the reason I wrote this poem

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© 2021 Husamuddin Chittalwala


BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on September 12, 2021:

I enjoyed reading this poem.

It describes friendship. Sometimes they do end up like a knife in one's back.

I was wondering if perhaps this one was written for our weekly word prompt.

Each week I write an article & toss out a word prompt for us to write something about.

This will give you an idea to be creative.

On Week 9 we did Friendship.

If you want to include your work in these prompts please mention it somewhere in the article so I will know and then try to post a link.

I tried to leave fan mail but the cyberspace world is being finicky today.

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