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Friends: The Next Generation S.3-Fanfiction

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The One When Phoebo Turns Two

Phoebo Geller-Bing, a hyper active Jack Russell Terrier turns two at the weekend and the gang are preparing a birthday party (as insisted by the children). Planning, decorating and organising it, isn't the only topic up for discussion.

Phoebo has developed a keen interest in bitches, human legs, teddies and anything he can get his paws around. Monica and Chandler are indecisive about having him neutered. They believe that their vet's advice that having him done would be better in the long run and would potentially stop the constant humping. On the other hand because they have had difficulties conceiving; they are considering letting him breed once before having him done.

Phoebe and Mike remind Monica of the rat babies and how they become their responsibilities and if the situation isn't resolved it could result in many puppies. Which means that there would be a lot of mess and Monica's face said that it would be too much.

On the off chance, Chandler looked online for suitable females in the area that potentially could breed with Phoebo. The only problem was he did this without telling anyone. When his children caught him in the act they got over-excited thinking that they would be getting a new puppy. Chandler had to explain that they weren't getting a new puppy but Phoebo could perhaps be helping someone else's dog have puppies. It didn't go as planned.

When Monica came home, Erica ran up to her and told her that Chandler was surprising everyone; and in fact, Phoebo was going to help another dog make puppies for them. In shock Monica rushed to the study to confront Chandler; in his quivering state, he tried to explain what happened.

On the day of the party, everyone started turning up and started having fun. The kids went on a hunt for this mysterious new dog for Phoebo but had no luck. They decided to take Phoebo out to the park, thinking perhaps the new dog had gotten lost.

It wasn't long until the children came running home screaming for their parents because Phoebo wasn't listening to them and had got off of his leash and was wrestling with other dogs. Petrified, Monica and Chandler run off to the park to find Phoebo getting acquainted with several new friends. They manage to get him back on the leash and apologised to the other owners and walked quickly home with Phoebo in their arms.

A few weeks later, there was a knock on the door. It was Mrs MacKenzie, with Morag by her side; a 2-year-old Jack Russell Terrier. Monica invited her in and asked her if everything was okay. Unfortunately, Mrs MacKenzie had just returned from the vets and it was confirmed Morag was pregnant and since Mrs MacKenzie's other dogs were all female and she was planning on having Morag spayed it had to be because of Phoebo's antics.

This wasn't the only bit of bad news, Monica was extremely embarrassed as she considering to offer to pay for the veterinary bills Mrs. MacKenzie stopped her in her tracks and told her that Morag had to live with them as she was getting aggressive towards her other dogs. When Chandler came in and tried to exclaim the possibilities of Morag becoming aggressive towards the children or Phoebo; at the corner of their eyes, they saw Phoebo and Morag cleaning each other, cuddling up and letting the children pet them.

It didn't take long until Monica and Chandler agreed; it felt right as Phoebo was responsible and how Morag being a Scottish name, could only be fate because of Chandler's inheritance. The next day Chandler took Phoebo to the vets to discuss neutering; in order to prevent any further pregnancies. However, when the vets explained the procedure both Chandler and Phoebo looked scared; made their excuses and made a quick exit.

It wasn't long until it was 3 am and the household was woken up the sound of Morag whining because she was in labour. A litter of six appeared and were as cute as they could be. Monica asked Ben to take Morag and Phoebo to the vets to get fixed as soon as it was possible. As the pups grew bigger, the gang got more and more attached and couldn't bear the thought of giving them up. Instead, they decided to keep them all, letting the children name them all.

Phoebe and Mike took home Bobby and Suzie; Lily only thought it was appropriate since her mother had told her of the story of the rat babies. Ross and Rachel took home Rex, the naughtiest of them all but discovering that he was the one to think he was far bigger than any other, they thought the name to be most fitting. Ben and Joey Jnr. convinced Mr Treeger to let them keep a pup, and it wasn't long until they took home Cassanova; in hopes, his charm would help the bachelors (especially Joey Jnr.) pick up women. Leaving Daisy and Daniel (the name Monica had picked out many years ago) with the Geller-Bing residence.

The One Thanksgiving Hosted By The Kids

A month prior to Thanksgiving, the gang have been trying to organise it all; considering Monica always hosting it, Chandler's dislike to the holiday, Phoebe's vegetarianism, Rachel's inability to cook and Joey's large appetite.

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Cathy insisted that she and Ben should make thanksgiving dinner for everyone and how the other kids should pitch in if they wanted to eat. The only condition was that Chandler had to participate if they made a special dish of his favourites. They weren't a couple everyone was allowed to bring one guest. Emma brought Aaron, Joey Jnr. picked up some blonde he met at the park, and everyone brought along their dogs.

Thanksgiving dinner was held in one of Monica's restaurant, it was closed for the holiday and had a garden at the back where everyone could celebrate outside. There was also a big flat screen tv set up outside so they could keep up with the football scores. Before any of the gang could tell the story about the Geller Cup or the time Rachel had to go long, they were told by their children how they had heard those stories many times and how they would rather play on the Xbox.

Ben, Cathy, Emma and so on were busy preparing in the kitchen; Lily and Leo were in charge of keeping their Aunt Monica away as it was all a surprise. Joey Jnr. lit the barbecue and for the rest of the time, he spent hitting on his new female friend. Erica and Jack set the tables and asked Mike if he could serve drinks to the adults. Charley and Judy were in charge of making sure the dogs had fresh water and helped with cleaning up after them.

Instead of the traditional turkey being cooked for hours in an oven, making various versions of potatoes sides and Chandler's soapy cranberry sauce; everything was cooked on the barbecue and was served as a buffet picnic. This included Chandler's toasted cheese sandwiches; making him very happy.

After they all ate, they went around telling each other of all the things they were thankful for. However, this time it was different Cathy suggested that everyone should go around again and say something nice to one another, without sarcasm and explain why they are thankful for them being in their lives. When it got to Ben telling his Aunt Monica what it was about her she sat closer as he lent in; he told her he was thankful for her being his aunt, who always had fun with him, explaining the truth about everything he asked, taught him how to cook and last but not least how much she loved to clean and therefore left all the mess in the kitchen for her.

As everyone started heading home, Monica was left behind cleaning like a maniac; as she polished and disinfected everything, she smiled and thought to herself just how thankful and happy she was for having a family who loved and understood her.


The One With The Surprising Rehearsal

Joey Jnr. phones his father in L.A to let him know that he auditioned for a backing singer and dancer part in the production of Chicago with the next Liza Minnelli. Over joyed, Joey books the next flight back to New York. After letting everyone else know, he gets in touch with Mike and asks him for a big favour.

Mike invites Joey Jnr. down to the lounge, where they could talk. Joey wanted to ask Mike if he could rehearse with him; Mike was more than happy to oblige. The lounge hadn't opened yet and Mike told Joey Jnr. to get up on the stage, so that they could go through 'All That Jazz'.

To much of his surprise Joey Jnr, was acting differently; stranger than usual. Joey Jnr. like his father was a looker, and the stereotypical chick magnet; and now the man in front of Mike performing was the complete opposite. He had turned into his very own muscular Liza Minnelli!

Mike stopped playing and cleared his throat; he hesitated when he asked Joey if he knew how he looked and if that was part of the act. Bemused, Joey Jnr. denied doing anything different; he even sounded proud when the casting director hired him before he could finish his number.

They carry on rehearsing until the lounge has to open; Mike sends Joey Jnr home to go over his lines with Ben. When he arrives home, Ben tell's Joey Jnr. all the messages he had got from agencies and directors regretting to inform him that he hadn't got several parts. Ben apologised but said something was bound to happen soon; Joey went through something similar and now he's a movie star. Joey Jnr. told him not to worry and that he had got the part he auditioned for earlier that day. Thrilled the boys decide to through an impromptu party, to celebrate.

When Mike got home he asked Phoebe if she had ever watched Joey Jnr. perform; and when she thought about it, she hadn't. When she thought even harder, to her knowledge no one had; apart from when they had a Karaoke night, which didn't end well when Monica got a hold of the microphone.

When Joey arrived in the city, he wasn't surprised when he found the gang in Central Perk whilst the children were at school. After the quick hugs and kisses, Joey could barely keep still on his seat; his boy got part! He was so proud! It was then Mike and Phoebe said to Joey about his son's rehearsal. In denial, Joey, asks Mike if they could go back to the lounge so he could see for himself.

As Joey sat there to watch his son's performance he could only think of one thing; his son was a star in the making, he may seem camp but that could only help with the ladies.

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