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Friends: The Next Generation S.2 - Fanfiction

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The One With Emma As A Star

The high school drama class were combining with another school, as the numbers had dwindled over the years. This year it was planned to be a production of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, and the auditions had begun for both schools to get parts in relation to the two families. As a surprise none of the students was to find out who was cast until rehearsals; in hopes to increase suspense and dramatic effects.

Ben, a teaching assistant was pleased to see Emma audition for Juliet; but in order not to seem unfair to the other teenagers he put himself in charge of decorations and general stage play; playing no part in casting.

As the days went on, all the students were anticipating the cast of the production to be posted in the announcements. Thursday came and they were up, Emma was cast as Juliet; everybody was proud of her, especially her mother and spent a great deal of time rehearsing her lines.

Ross couldn't bear to think which teenager from the opposing school would be the one to kiss his daughter, and decided he would try to investigate. This, however, in true Ross Geller fashion doesn't go to plan; in fact, he tried to convince Carol (his ex-wife) that he was there to see her. Discussing his intentions of having Leo transferred to her school and would like him to eventually join the drama club; if he could see them rehearse, it would persuade him. Carol sees through this and sends him on his way. Ross didn't accept this and tries everything in his power to sneak in; luckily before he got a chance to see who would be playing Romeo he heard a familiar voice. "Oh My GOD!", Ross stood as still as a statue and prayed it wasn't real; he turned around and saw Janice. Before either of them could reminisce he made his excuses and made a quick exit.

A few weeks later, it was the day of the production; family and friends filled the seats quickly and before the crowd could get too rowdy; Ben walks onto centre stage. He explains the cooperation between the schools and thanked all those who have helped everyone involved. As the crowd began to get restless, anticipating on the performance the curtains rose.

Romeo and Juliet were on stage; just as Rachel got off of her seat to get closer to the stage to take pictures of Emma she bumped into Romeo's mother who had the same idea. "Oh My GOD!", Rachel stunned asked what Janice was doing there and she told her to keep quiet her boy Aaron was playing Romeo. Rachel scurried back next to Ross to tell him; he quickly looked around and caught Janice's eyes, in disbelief he drastically tried to get the attention of Ben. Annoyed and overreacting he hissed his anger into Ben's ear, who explained he had no idea and even if he had, he had no control overcasting.

Watching intently throughout the production on the edge of his seat; Ross tried everything in his power to prevent Aaron from kissing Emma. However, the ending was coming to a near; both classes gave outstanding performances and Joey whispered into Ross's ear; explaining it was just an act. As Ross took a deep breath and relaxed, Romeo and Juliet kissed. The production ended and rightfully the crowd gave them a standing ovation.

The cast members all retreated to their parents for pictures; Janice and Aaron head towards the Geller's to congratulate them and reminding them of how Aaron and Emma were betrothed from birth. As Ross and Rachel try to laugh it off; Monica and Chandler made a quick exit with the children; the big movie star Joey, however, took his fame to his advantage and distracted everyone in order for the Geller's to make a move. What Ross and Rachel failed to realise was Emma had in fact liked the kiss and kept smiling every time she thought of Aaron; who she quickly sent a friend request to.

Aaron accepted her friend request and both he and Emma began speaking on a daily basis. At first, it was about the production, complementing each other's performance and soon it was about other plays and musicals. Emma started to convince herself she really liked him, however she couldn't tell anyone because she was the stereotypical "hot" girl in school and her parents for one would disapprove.

As Aaron and Emma's friendship blossomed, they began to speak on a daily basis; to an outsider's point of view, this would be young love. They organised to meet up in Central Park where Aaron had told Emma he had something he wanted to tell her, but he was scared to. They snuck out of the house with a picnic in hand; Emma was dressed to impress anticipating Aaron's declaration of love. Under one of the tree's they began chatting, Emma wasn't paying attention to anything that was happening around them; all she could do was stare into his eyes.

Aaron took her hand and made her listen intently, and told her that he was about to tell her something he had never told anyone else. As Emma lent in, expecting to be kissed; Aaron told her that he was in fact gay and he was so happy to have a best friend like her. Just as he opened up his heart and arms to hug her; Ross spots them and rushes up and grabs Emma. Aaron tries to explain, Emma, manages to wriggle free from her father; making him listen to what Aaron had to say.

As if the world had been lifted off of his shoulder, he takes a deep breath and hugs them both. He no longer had anything to worry about; instead, he welcomed Aaron to join them for ice cream and said he was invited to have dinner with them any time he wanted. Like a child, Ross left smiling; hand in hand with his daughter and her new gay best friend. This soon stopped as the realization of the situation came to light; if Aaron and Emma were to be best friends it would mean Janice would forever be in their lives.

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The One When The Triplets Visit

During a visit to the city, the triplets pestered Phoebe and Mike to let them stay with them; their parents didn't complain because they were a handful from day one and now that they are 17 they were almost uncontrollable.

Whilst Phoebe and Mike were at work the triplets spent the day between Central Perk and the Pad (the apartment of Ben and Joey Jnr). When Phoebe came home she could see they were itching to tell her something. She sent them into separate rooms in order to speak to them individually and sent Lily out to the park with Joey Jnr. Phoebe made a fresh pot of coffee and sat down with Chandler, who found it hard to speak with the support of her siblings. She persuades Phoebe to sit down on the sofa and called on her siblings to join them.

They explain to Phoebe that she needs to breathe, relax and how they needed her help. Frank Jr. Jr. has been skipping out on education, instead he has been smoking a lot; Leslie has feelings for women and wants to become a comedian, and Chandler is pregnant, but doesn't know who the father is. In shock, Phoebe's jaw drops before screeching at them; asking them repeatability if their parents knew and what their plans were. They told them that their parents had developed a severe drinking and gambling problem and hadn't noticed anything.

The only course of action Phoebe could think of was to call on the gang for help. She sent Leslie to speak to Carol and Susan; Frank to Monica and Chandler and Chandler Buffay for details. Phoebe discovered that Chandler hadn't even gone to see the doctor and booked an emergency appointment.

At the doctor's office, they discover that Chandler not only is 14 weeks pregnant but is carrying twins; however, the biological father could potentially be 3 male friends from school. Later that evening Phoebe invites Frank and Alice over to talk. The triplets arrive and with some encouragement; tell their parents everything. Alice faints and Frank jumps with joy because he's going to be a grandpappy then sits down quickly when he realised his children were a mess. The gang hold an intervention explaining how the situation has to be dealt with immediately and correctly; they also tell them that they would be more than happy to be there to support them.

The Buffay's head back home and promise to support one another through this difficult time. Not long into the journey Chandler phones Phoebe and asks if she could move in with them because she felt safest there and knows she will be taken care of properly with doctors appointments and with the support of her and Monica she could survive to have multiple births. Phoebe agrees and makes her way to collect her; it soon becomes clear with Chandler in her care it wouldn't be long until the other two would follow.


The One When Erica Comes To Visit

Erica (the birth mother of Erica and Jack) get's a call from Monica and organises a visit. When she arrives, she wonders why her bi-annual visit was ahead of time; Monica explains about Chandler Buffay. Erica is a counsellor for young pregnant women of America; offering life coaching and spreading the name of Jesus Christ.

When Phoebe and Chandler arrive, Erica gets up and offers them blessings and love; explains what she offers and asks for an update. They explain that it is multiple pregnancies and how there are 3 potential fathers and she had no way of finding out. Erica suggests they pray and ask God for an answer and as their heads lowered she lept up asking if Chandler had ever gone sightseeing New York. Chandler shook her head; Erica took her hand and told her that they had to go see everything before it was too late; this time however without her namesake.

When Monica asked about the estimated date of conception Chandler realised that it couldn't have been one of the potential fathers because he had already joined the military and left by then. It was down to two, around the time of Halloween and the girls realised that there was no easy way of distinguishing the paternity until the children were born and they could have DNA tests. What made things more complicated, while standing the queue to the Statue of Liberty Chandler told them that none of the fathers even knew she was pregnant. By now Rachel had met up with them and told Chandler to let the boys know that there could be a possibility.

When they get home, Chandler phones both boys and organised for them to meet her in the city. Much confusion later, the three decided to stay open and agree to all be parents as none of them could come up with a better explanation or strategy for the situation. They turn to the gang and ask them if they could help find a way of getting their own apartment and bring up the children together. They suggest the apartment across from the boys, however, Chandler has to remain living with Phoebe and they have to finish school and get a job.

Erica found it appropriate at this point to blurt out how she figured out the biological father; to everyone's amusement, then they paused to look at Chandler. She looked even more confused than Joey doing long multiplication. It was now up the girls to educate Chandler in order to distinguish what she knew about sex and how exactly she got herself into this situation.

The men return to collect their respective others, as they were struggling with the younger offspring to discover they were talking about sex and tried to join in. As the wives scooted their families out; leaving Joey and Erica to discover that they had met before, several times before.

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