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Friends: The Next Generation S.1 - Fanfiction

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The One When Ben Updates Us

Where do I begin?

Ok Hi, I'm Ben. Remember me the little blonde kid with a cheeky smile? My Dad is Ross Geller. Yeah, the dinosaur guy...

Anyway, I turned 20 this year and I am proud to announce my parents are still with their respective others. I live in my great grandmothers' old apartment; the one where all my uncles and aunts have all lived in at one point or another; with my room-mate Joey. No, it's not uncle Joey, but I'll explain that later.

A few years back Mum and Susan decided to have another child together, and with the help of a sperm donor (later we discovered was Gunther). Susan was the one to carry Jasmine, she is now 8 and has platinum blonde hair and brown eyes.

Dad and Rachel still live in the city with Emma and Leo. Two months after Dad and Rachel got back together they found out they were pregnant. Unfortunately, Leonard Greene (Rachel's father) passed away not long afterwards and Leo was named after him when he was born.

Aunt Monica and Uncle Chandler still live in the suburbs and when Erica and Jack were 4 years old, they found out they were pregnant with twins after giving up on all hope. Charley and Judy came along and are now 7 and love to play with their dog, Phoebo (happily named by Aunt Phoebe).

Speaking of Which aunt Phoebe and uncle Mike went on to have little Lily (now 6) and decided not to have any more because they spend much of their time babysitting everyone else's children and prefer to have lots of "alone time".

Uncle Joey, on the other hand, found out 2 years ago that he had in fact had a child with a girl he met in London. Yes, you guessed it, the bridesmaid from Dad and Emily's wedding. She got sick and tracked uncle Joey down and sent little Joey to live with him. Everyone was worried he wouldn't cope especially since he was now in a committed relationship with his neighbour, Alex in LA. However, when Joey Jr. turned 17 we decided to move in together in New York so he could pursue his career in Broadway.

So that's pretty much it, how have you been?


The One When Joey Meets Joey

2013, L.A

Alex answers the phone, whilst Joey is in the shower; a woman called Olivia asks for him, without much of an explanation makes it clear that it's urgent that she speaks to him. Joey answers the phone and immediately falls back on the sofa. After the immediate shock, he agrees to meet her at a coffee house downtown.

When he arrives, a sudden flashback to the trip to London where he hooked up with a bridesmaid from Ross and Emily's wedding. Olivia isn't alone, and after giving her a hug and shaking the hand of a handsome young man; he sits down and orders a coffee.

Olivia explains that she was recently diagnosed with a terminal condition and came to LA to seek medical help; however, there isn't much else they can do. At first, Joey thinks that she is trying to get money out of him and tries to explain what happened all those years ago was fun and a one-off. She cuts him short and says she wasn't after his money. Instead, she told him that the young man sitting next to her, checking out the women in the place - much to the approval of Joey- was in fact Joey; his son.

Bemused, Joey tries to make sense to what he has just been told; exclaiming that he has always been careful and wondering why he was never told. Finally accepting that after all of the drama at the wedding, it wasn't easy to find a way to get in touch without sounding like a desperate fan and by then she was coping well with Joey Jr.

Through the course of the next few months, both Joey and Joey Jr. spend more and more time together, teaching each other the ways of picking up women and being a parent. In due course, Olivia and Joey sorted out the paperwork in order for Joey Jr. to legally be adopted by Joey and move in with him.

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It doesn't take long for Alex and Joey to discover that Joey Jr. hasn't only inherited Joey's good looks and charm with women but also acting. But Joey Jr. had no interest in movies or television soaps; instead with his ability to speak in multiple languages, sing and dance (unlike his father) he wanted to be in Broadway.

On his monthly trip to New York, to meet up with his friends and family in Central Perk, he introduces them to Joey Jr. It soon becomes clear that the only course of action to help fulfil his son's dream, he has to find an apartment in the city and move back and forth. Monica suggests her grandmothers' old apartment, luckily with his newfound fame it wasn't long until he had the keys and was enrolling Joey Jr. to the best theatrical school.


The One When Ben Meets A Girl

Saturday afternoon and Ben is sitting in Central Perk; reading and waiting to meet up with Joey Jr. before everyone heads up Westchester; where Monica is hosting one of her infamous parties.

As they leave Central Perk, Ben catches the eye of a girl; with long red hair and green eyes and wearing a floral summer dress and carrying a book - Catcher in the Rye (one of Ben's favourite). They smile at one another and carry on with their day. As Ben and Joey Jr. are sitting waiting for the train, Joey spots the same girl looking at train times and encourages Ben to start up a conversation with her. But Ben is shy and decides to just give her a smile, she smiled back briefly and he looks down; when he looked up again she was gone without a trace.

It wasn't long until the train arrived and Ben and Joey Jr. find themselves a seat and the conversation quickly turns to girls, football and movies; however, Ben is distracted and daydreaming about the mysterious girl. The seats on the train fill up quickly and when it started to settle one seat was left empty, across from the boys and the girl asked politely if the seat was taken before sitting down.

After some gentle nudging and knowing if he had done nothing Joey would make a move, Ben built up the courage; cleared his throat and spoke to the girl. Her name was Cathy, short for Catherine - after Wuthering Heights, another fond favourite of Ben's - and was a Food-Blogger. She was on her way to Westchester to interview one of favourite chefs - Monica Geller-Bing. Much to his surprise Ben lept up with excitement and explained that she was his aunt and they spoke all the way there; all the while Joey Jr. was busy charming many female friends on his social media accounts.

When they arrive, it is clear to everyone that Ben was infatuated with Cathy; to everyone's delight as this was the first girl he had not stopped smiling or talking to. As the day and night went on, it came to a time when Cathy had to leave. Ben, unfortunately, forgot to ask for her last name, number or a place to meet and was devastated.

A week goes by and Ben has been frantically searching online for Cathy with no luck. While sitting waiting for his coffee at Central Perk, now owned by Gunther, Cathy walks in. He immediately goes up to speak to her and they have the perfect, un-arranged first date. They believe it to be fate and exchange numbers. As the night was coming to an end, like a gentleman Ben offers to walk Cathy Home; all the way to his fathers' previous apartment (the one the ugly naked guy lived in, across the way). As they approached the door, he said goodnight and leant in to kiss her on the cheek; Cathy turned, still holding hands and they shared their first passionate kiss. They agreed to see each other soon, and as she went in and closed the door smiling, Ben didn't just leave with a smile on his face but he left his heart with her too.

Feeling like he was on cloud nine, Ben headed home; greeted by Joey Jr. who couldn't wait to hear why Ben had been out all night; as it was out of character. Ben couldn't get many words out as he was smiling from ear to ear; right then Joey knew that Ben had finally met a girl; he patted his shoulder; told him to text next time; smiled and went into his room leaving Ben to sit on the window ledge daydreaming about Cathy.

The One When Ross and Rachel Renew Their Vows

At the Planetarium, set out the way Ross ideally wanted to propose to Rachel was to be the best 10 year anniversary and reception to celebrate Ross and Rachel renewing their vows. All the extended family and friends were there; including Cathy, Ben's girlfriend of 6 months.

The ceremony, decorations and food were beautiful; with so much love in the air, it almost became abundantly clear that Joey and Alex were putting on a brave face. It didn't take long for it to come out that in fact the time Joey was spending apart from Alex was becoming too hard to bear and they had found it difficult to maintain a relationship. The gang, doing what they do best, meddled and convinced them to see a couplers counsellor.

Joey Jr. and Joey headed out to the balcony to chat and it wasn't long until Joey admitted that he had been having an affair with his assistant and had told Alex but was too ashamed to tell everyone else. After much persuasion Joey was convinced, to tell the truth, his friends were very disappointed but knew that Joey would do the right thing and the couple would work things out.

Monica, Chandler, Phoebe and Mike surprised Ross and Rachel with an amazing gift; a week in Barbados, without the children where they could fulfil their fantasy wedding they envisioned and told family friends about at the Geller's 35th Anniversary dinner. Leo and Emma jump with joy knowing a week with their aunt and uncle meant lots of fun and food in their big house with their cousins! Especially since Sandra Green (Rachel's mother) had moved in with them to help with the kids and needed to give them some space; so they sent her to spend the week with Amy (Rachel's sister); who inevitably became a two-time divorcee, gained 100 pounds and had no future children or husband to spend time with.

Gunther was at the party and was still upset at Ross for marrying Rachel, again, having more children with her but was extremely content and was civil, as he had Jasmine (his biological child with Susan) as his date to the evening. He gave the happy couple up to date pictures of Mrs. Whiskerson (the hairless, hissing cat; he bought from Rachel) and continued to tell Rachel that she could visit any time she wanted.

After giving a tear-jerking speech like his father always did Ben took Cathy's hand slipped out and went home, where they had lit candles, put on soft music and decided to make this night, their night. Like their first kiss, it was perfect; and was "worth the wait"

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