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Freewriting in January 2021

Holley Morgan is a graduate student at SNHU and currently works as a college essay tutor.


Coffee with Coconut Milk

Good morning, readers (or whatever salutation feels most appropriate according to your time of day). I am awake earlier than usual, so it felt fitting to put the extra time toward another freewrite. As I noted in my last one, the soothing sounds of traffic zooming by are my background noise. Beside me is a cup of coffee - Maxwell House, to be exact, for I have been trying to cut back on how much I spend on coffee lately - sweetened with coconut milk and a dash of sugar. I have craved coffee with coconut milk ever since trying the skinny latte at Scooter's in the Midwest.

I hesitate because I wonder if anyone is judging me by how I like to drink my coffee. Coffee, like anything else we choose for ourselves, can reveal some about our tastes, but not always about our essence. It used to be that when I took a liking to a guy, I also took an interest in how he liked his coffee. I thought it could tell me something more about him.

Now I would never fall into the trap of thinking one bitter if they like black coffee. I would never assume a Dolores Umbridge type personality from one using a great deal of cream and sweetener. Sometimes the way we like things is just how we like them, and there is nothing deeper to it than that. What do you think?

We can make hasty judgments about people based on what they like, what they watch, what they read, who they support politically. However, each of these is only a superficial glimpse and cannot reveal or even hint at the whole. People are complex. We can have conflicting desires and preferences. We can casually like things. Just because we enjoy Star Wars does not mean we know the name of every planet and character in its universe, and we may not be able to win at trivia about it.

That is my coffee tangent for the day. Now, back to the coffee. It is part of my "time to myself" ritual before work. I love time to myself all the time if I am being honest, but it is especially therapeutic before work starts. It gives me time to gather my thoughts, read articles, play games on my phone, and talk myself down from the anxiety I feel about my work. If I can't manage to talk myself down, then I take deep breaths and know the day is rarely as bad as my mind predicts it will be after I wake up.

Tumblr Nostalgia

Speaking of therapeutic techniques for anxiety, I recently became active again on Tumblr. After a falling out several years ago with my best friend, whom I met on Tumblr, I couldn't enjoy it anymore. It brought up too many memories, too many unresolved conflicts. Time has served as a balm for those wounds, and now I can remember why I enjoyed Tumblring in the first place.

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I admit, I still don't always understand it. When it comes to the fandom stuff, people can be very... fervent. But there is so much more to it than that. I love the graphics people make. I can travel to a city just by typing it into the search bar. If I want to find memes I haven't seen yet, Tumblr has me covered. Writing inspiration and tips? Tumblr has those too. Last night, I was looking up recipes on there. It has so many uses and is a cool way to organize your likes/interests, if you feel inclined. It will help you get your mind off your worries.

I don't remember how, but I got into a Myst tangent while looking at it. I thought, "Hey, let's see if anyone else remembers that game." I typed it into the search bar and voila, people indeed do remember it. It is not only remembered, but celebrated, for a couple more Myst games have been released through the years. There is a version of the original for Nintendo 3DS, which I have, but there were some reviews about the graphics not being so great. Plus I think it is very hard to find, unless you're willing to buy it used from Amazon. I remember playing it with my mom in the 90s. She had the controls; I just watched. I was completely fascinated.

I am not sure whether the newer games or the original would work on my PC. I have Windows 10. Plus they run for $55 and above on Amazon. I must content myself looking through people's screenshots of the game on Tumblr for now.

If you have a Tumblr and want me to check it out, drop me your link (if HubPages will allow it). I would love to.

If You're Curious

Winning the Lottery of Life

It is my hope that someday my coping mechanisms, which I enjoy in themselves, will no longer be used to cope because I love my life so much. People might think I am naïve for believing it is possible to find work that is a better fit for my personality. Some feel that we are meant to force square pegs through round holes, so to speak, because that is part of being an adult.

I think I have seen enough of the world to know it is possible to live in a way that requires no force, and minimal to no coping. I am determined that I will find that sweet spot.

Wishing you a beautiful day/month/year/life!

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