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Freedom of Butterfly

He is an english poet and writer. His book published " Justice of nature and injustice of love available on Amazon.

Freedom of butterfly


Freedom of butterfly

Freedom of Butterfly

What a beautiful tiny butterfly,

Whose feather intersort colour,

Who unstable on the flowers,

And checked taste to honey.

While scatter feathers too stunning,

What is too slender, No weight

On the leaves of flowers And Long

Legs as well as toung help to taste.

It has no bounded for wandered

Rather it has extreme freedom

To always, as one to other flower

And one to other garden.

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Can't be kept on particular

Flower,Rather engaged on

Search to different delicious

Always carrying on to flowers.

As some park has prohibited

By guardian & owner for entry

Of stranger's person and animal

But no one can dare to stop it.

Since it has greatest freedom

Which no one can deprived it

Thus, Dependency on flowers

Realised the freedom to rejoice.

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