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Freedom Fading Away


Hearing Street Musicians Playing And Children's Laughter

I Stand On My


Breathing In The

Fresh Ocean


Which Is So


Thoughts Of Having


Is Fading


Freedom Of Speech Is


Are We Allowed To



Silence Fills


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We Are In Shock

Being Pulled Into




An Authoritarian


I Think Please

Turn Back The Clock.

Give Us One More


To Fight For

Our Freedom.

Now Is The Time

To Stand Up For

Our Rights

God Warriors.

Memories Of Yesterday


My Thoughts Are


With Christ.

So Free We Felt

As We Walked On

The City Streets By The


Walking On

The Boardwalk

Side Walks By

The Sea.

Watching The Waves

Crash Into The Tall

Fishing Piers.

Laughter And People

Fill The Boardwalk.

On A Warm Summer


The Ocean Breeze

Breeze Blows Gently

Through My Hair.

Sending Holy Rushes

Up My Spine.

As I Look At The


Beauty Of God's

Creation Of The

Mass And Vast


All You Can See

For Miles Is Brillant

Blue Ocean And

Playful Crashing


I Breathe In The Salty

Ocean Air.

And Feel So Very Lucky

To Be Alive.

And Feel The Tremendous

Love Of God.

The Laughter Of Children

Fill The Atmosphere.

Children Are Eating

Popcorn And

Cotton Candy.

Children Are Riding

The Merry Go Rounds.

Sitting On Horses.

Parents Are Watching

Their Children With Such

Adoration and Love.

What A Gorgeous Innocent

Summer Evening.

Walking To A Beat

Of Music Playing

On Side Walk Cafe's.

Friendly Street Musicians

Playing Acoustic Guitars

Smiling As You Walk By.

Months Later The City

Streets Are Empty.

There Is No Laughter

From The Children

On The Ocean


No Fishermen Fishing

On The Fishing Piers.

It's Just A Ghost Town.

Now I Just Dance And

Hold On To Those Special

Memories Of Walking On

The Busy Board Walk

By The Sea.

Now Tears And

Bewilderment Fills

The People Across

The World.

Silence And Warnings

Echos Across The Sea

To A City Street That

Is Quiet And Empty.



John Hansen from Gondwana Land on May 01, 2020:

All is going ok here thanks, Diane. It is sad when you right to free speech is stifled like that. It is a known fact that pollution has reduced greatly since the lockdown.

Diane Denison (author) from Cincinnati Ohio on May 01, 2020:

Thank you John Hansen for your kind words. I hope all is going well with you in these difficult times. To be honest what inspired me to write this. I posted on a social site a Nasa report about worldwide pollution is going down. I was warned to watch what I posted. I did not say anything on the post. Just shared a Nasa Findings. I was shocked and felt my freedom of speech being infringed upon.

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on April 30, 2020:

A poem that begins so joyous and uplifting suddenly turns sombre and serious. You did a wonderful job with this Diane. I liked the Crowded House song too.

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