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Free Conscience #2

It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


People who paid for the advert, but none was there.

Neither their business name to trace it. He tried to contact the

News media to get the details of those who paid for the advert

But he was told that those who paid for the advert, cannot

Be traced because the person who has come to pay for the

Advert according to the journalist brought cash to the account

Department of the news media house and supplied the

Details unto them. After their deliberations, the journalist

Would tell the banker that something tells him that what this

Connotes was that it is likely that those people may be sending

A signal to someone or some groups of people that their friend

Is dead. Now the people such signal is meant for he cannot say.

The banker reasoned within him after hearing the man that

It may be a signal after all, may be the signal is to him or to

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Some other people who the man has had business dealings with

In their island. But since his demise, no one has contacted

The bank neither has anyone talk to him about this, he thence

Kept the matter close to his heart and was expecting what

Would happen. By the twelfth year, when no one comes

To him nor the bank, he started thinking about the money in

His account what he can do about it. If the money be left like

That, the government would possess the money after

A while, and some of the government officials too would

Take out of it. Something comes to his mind, what of it

He seeks for someone to partner with and a deal

Be reached with the person on the money? If that could be

Done, who would that be? Who could he look for? He made

His research and comes up with what the person he

Shall reach out for must possess. After he has come up

With this, and he wants to take a step, then his conscience

Was not clear about going forward with the deal. He

Has been disturbed about the matter and was about to

Let it go when he remembers the story shared by his

Father In-law with him some years back. The man

Said that there was a man who puts money in his

Friend’s possession because he trusts his friend and he

Does not want to take the money home that day.

For the fear of the unknown and because he notices

Some strange faces following him after he left his office

That day. To confuse those people trailing him he went

To some other open places before calling his friend to meet

With him and he gave the person the money. As he has noticed


Those trailing him were truly thieves, and they killed him

Thinking the money was still on him, but when they do not

Found the money on him they knew he has dropped the money

With someone during the process of his moving around

Different places. That must have happened they reasoned when

They were pissed off by his movements and decided to stop

Following him but to go and stay for him very close to

His house. It was when he knew that he was not seeing them

Again that he called that friend and gave the money to him.

Telling the man to keep the money safe that he will

Come for it the following day. After given the money to

The man, he also threw off his phone and the SIM card and

As he gets another card and phone. After those people did

Not see money on him they knew he has known about them

And looked for his phone but the phone on him was new

One and there are no traces of last call on the phone

Thus, they cannot trace anyone. What they resolved to

Do is trying to trace those places visited by the man to

See if it was kept somewhere or see any strange person

But they could not. The police would soon get to know about

The incident and they took his body to the morgue.

The man’s friend when he gets home, he safely kept

The money somewhere and switched on his radio and

Heard the news about a man who was killed by gunmen

It was the following day when he did not see his friend

To come for the money as he promised that he started

Getting worried about him. And the news flash of his death

Was that if there is anyone looking for someone, a

Youth in his late twenties, about 170 centimeters in height

Among other details supplied such a person should go

To the government morgue to identify the corpse there

And claim the corpse to give it proper burial according to the

Culture of their island. The man had initially set out to go to


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