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Poem: Frank Shadow (For Frank Atanacio)


Frank Shadow

Frank Shadow!

Where have you been?

I miss how you make the dark safe,

With humor that make it all better.

But it's easy to know where you are,

For you are the brightest shadow,

You guide us through the darkness,

With your practicality.

Somehow your soft silhouette,

Smiles at me warmly with its curves,

I see a kind demeanor,

In the cold, creepy night.

Looking for a shadow that's not the same?

It's Frank,

The distinguished shadow,

With a name.

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About Frank Shadow, the Poem

The poem, 'Frank Shadow' , is a tribute to Frank Atanacio to welcome him back to HubPages. He's always welcome even if he comes for a short time. The poem is inspired by the stories Frank has written such as crimes and flash fiction and Frank's likeable character.

Here is the link to his page:

© 2019 Li-Jen Hew


Li-Jen Hew (author) on April 01, 2019:

Haha. You are always welcome, Jodah. I'm happy to have you as my Hubber friend too. You and the Hubbers I know are talented writers. Thanks!

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on April 01, 2019:

How did I miss this Li-Jen? Frank is also one of my favourite authors and I hope he finds the time to write here more. I’ll call him Frank Shadow from now on. Nice poem by the way.

Li-Jen Hew (author) on January 29, 2019:

Thanks Bill. :) It's my pleasure to write for Frank. Haha, hurry up Frank!

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on January 28, 2019:

Very nice of you to send a "shout out" to one of my favorite thriller writers. Hurry back, Frank!!!!!

Li-Jen Hew (author) on January 28, 2019:

Thanks Rinita. You're always nice!

Rinita Sen on January 27, 2019:

I am so glad you wrote this, and so beautifully. I missed him, too, and glad he is back. He's a terrific writer, and a great friend, as are you.

Li-Jen Hew (author) on January 23, 2019:

Thanks Mark!

Li-Jen Hew (author) on January 23, 2019:

Mary, thank you! My pleasure.

Mark Tulin from Palm Springs, California on January 23, 2019:

Nice tribute, Li-Jen

Mary Norton from Ontario, Canada on January 23, 2019:

Good to see you write again. This is a wonderful poem about Frank.

Li-Jen Hew (author) on January 22, 2019:

Hey Peg, thank you for visiting!

Li-Jen Hew (author) on January 22, 2019:

Frank, you too!

Peg Cole from North Dallas, Texas on January 22, 2019:

Nice tribute to a great writer. Glad you're back, Frank!

Frank Atanacio from Shelton on January 22, 2019:

you are simply the best!

Li-Jen Hew (author) on January 22, 2019:

You're welcome Shadow! Hahah!

Frank Atanacio from Shelton on January 22, 2019:

LOL this was just fantastic.. I feel so unshadowed... LOL ... thank you for still welcoming my absence...

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